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LVRS - Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

Just posting this to help people understand the different procedures concerning LVRS, There are variations in the procedure, I have posted in another thread but it could well get lost in discussions so I am posting the information as a separate post.

The variations are explained in the links provided below:

BLF leaflet on LVRS covers suitability etc:

NICE information on Insertion of endobronchial valves for lung volume reduction in emphysema:

Excellent Post by Johnwr with video, concerning LVRS mentioning 'Zephyr' Valves and a trial using Nitinol Coils

There is a pdf download for LVRS with coils if you put the information into the web browser.

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Thanks for the mention, Blakey.

When talking about LVRS procedures, Aeriseal sometimes gets mentioned. This is a procedure where a foam is squirted into the lungs at sites where the damage is bad, it hardens, then over a period of several weeks, shrinks, and pulls the lung with it. It was used in Israel and Germany and several other countries under trial, with some mixed results. At the beginning of the year, I understand that the company, Aeris Therapeutics, cut all communication links. Since then I have heard that the company has ceased trading, and efforts are being made to sell off the assets. It remains to be seen how this will eventually play out. I have not heard how the situation stands regarding liability, I have heard of some patients having recurring problems with persistant infections following the use of this product. Where these people are in terms of product liability, I don't know.


Hi John, thanks again for your input, it all helps people understand what is available and what the potential pitfalls may be.

My very best wishes to you. BC


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