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Oh no not now


After my recent stay in hospital I now have a horrible chest infection. I have spent the last 6 months doing my best to stay healthy but I was in a ward with 1 person with pneumonia and another with a chest infection. I am supposed to be going to Spain on Wednesday.I started my emergency antibiotics as soon as I started to feel unwell and I am in bed hoping to feel better soon.Anyone know of anything I can do to speed this up?

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Hopefully the antibiotics will have you feeling at least well enough to go on your hols. Make sure you have meds that will cover your whole stay in Spain, and order some more in case you still need some when you get back

Try to eat some nourishing food

I do hope you get better soon

Love Sohara

Hi ptliverpool, Sorry I cannot suggest anything, other than what you are doing, fingers crossed you caught it in time.

All the best Nannyb xx

Ptliverpool what about steroids if you can take them some don't like taking them but they do their job fast and that's what you need right now. X

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My consultant says the same thing, which is why, after numerous serious problems, I stopped taking them at all.

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The NHS spends £6.3 billion on iv antibiotics alone all wasted ? More in favour of using antibiotics than against if we use facts not here say.

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If you read back to Steph's post you will see the discussion is about steroids, not abs.

Get to Spain - anything and everything looks and feels better in the sunshine!

Phone the nurse on the helpline

Are you flying ?

have a nice holiday, I take each day as it comes, never make plans, as sadly most of my plans end with disappointment

Hope to see some pictures from your trip

ptliverpool, I really wish I could give you a positive answer. I know how you feel. I am wondering if you could have a word with your surgery. Have you seen your doctor?

Hi ptliverpool, hopefully your abs will kick in soon, I would also drink lots of grapefruit and orange/grape juice and drag myself to Spain like Toci says, as well as the advice of the others.

Think it is negligent to put someone with bronchiectasis in a ward with chest infections and pneumonia, you have my sympathy and I hope you feel well enough to get to Spain on Wednesday.

That is really bad luck - just what you don't need when you should be looking forward to a holiday. Phoning the helpline is good advice, and a visit to your GP if you can fit it in. I would be taking steroids as well as the antibiotics. My only other advice is to take paracetamol as often as allowed as I find they help with all the other symptoms and discomfort of a chest infection.

Hope you manage to get away all right on Wednesday. We are off to Spain next Sunday on the long ferry to Santander. Wish us luck sailing through the Bay of Biscay!! Wishing you all the best, Jan :-)

Hi, I tried Manuka honey with lemon juice and hot water recently when I had a viral infection recently with a chesty cough, it is quite expensive, but tastes good and did ease symptoms. Hope you are well enough to go to Spain and that the sunshine helps with your recovery.


I will try the honey as I have some in already stopped taking it as I don't really like the taste may be better with lemon. Thanks Jan . With the antibiotics kicking in I may just make it.Got up and cooked some dinner this evening and even managed to eat a bit. PT xx

Hi ptliverpool how are you doing this morning?

Hi Steph, Thanks for asking, Well I am up and had breakfast. My niece is here doing my ironing so I can pack.I am now half way through my antibiotics and can feel they are starting to work. I can see a glimmer of sun trying to show its face which helps.I am trying to slowly get organised for the holiday which I am determined now to go on. Trying to stay out of my niece's way so she won't catch it. I've also ordered some more antibiotics to take with me(hope the prescription is ready tommorow morning) I fly in the Afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me. PT xx

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That sun is shining for you and it's waiting for you in Spain. La viva Espania! Xx ( what a good niece you have)

Hi ptliverpool how you feeling tonight hope your all set for your hols. X

Hi Steph, Well I'm packed and ready to go later today. Only got 2 more days left on my Amoxcillan and I have been taking paracetemol to keep the temperature down. All in all I am feeling a lot better today (washing your hair always helps I think)

As my husband say's we are only moving from one home to another, as it is our own little appartment in Spain. I can spend the day there in my dressing gown too if I need to,but on the balcony in the Sun. Adios Amigos ! :)

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