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i know i have mentioned this before but has any one on here hasd any medical advise about sleeping im not going to bed at nite cant do any thing in the day so tired they say they dont know why but surely there must be reason i always slept ok

one doc ask if i had had a bad experince felt horrid my husband the only one ion bed wityh me and we are just fine lol but all jokes aside really is depressing me big time

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Hi becraftygirl I'm not a good sleeper and when I'm bad I stay downstairs till I'm better I'm lucky I've a downstairs loo. Can the doctor give you something short term till they get to the bottom of it.


Hello Becraftygirl I had a similar problem, went on for months, eventually had to see GP who gave me a tablet called mirtazapine, which has helped. I am hoping to just take them for a short time to get into a decent sleeping routine. Hope this helps.


Patsymac's medication could help. There are oher measures you can take. A - try and relax if you can. B -honey and camomile tea. C - relaxation CDs. D - lavender oil. E - herbal remedies. F - Meditation(clear the mind. Try not to sleep during the day.


I Also can`t get a good sleep.

When I get that bad as to annoy my wife I go down stairs and read a really boring book and have hot milk with a little honey.

Like you I was always very tired during the day and could not sleep at night so the cycle just kept on.

I eventually got really fed up of being a walking zombie! so I talked to my respiratory nurse who arranged for an overnight sleep study to be done.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and use a C-pap machine (not all the time).

The thing about sleep apnoea is you don't know you suffer from it, ( cause as far as you are concerned ) your asleep!.

But not a good quality of sleep.

You should talk to your GP to see what he thinks.

Sleep apnoea seems to be very common these days and even the doctors will say that patients rarely know they have it or if it is a real problem.


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Some medications affect sleeping patterns and I had to change an inhaler that caused insomnia so bad I was only sleeping about 3 hours a night, and that was in bits and pieces. Check the side-effect leaflets of the medications you are taking and if any of them may be the culprit have a word with your GP about substitutions.


I have not slept right since 2008 after spending a long time in ICU. For over 6 months Once I opened my eyes no matter what the time was I had to get out of bed. I have just been tested for Sleep Apnoea but not sure it did any good I fell asleep downstairs and could not sleep at night :( when the monitor was on. I have zopiclone sleeping pills that I take when I am so tired I know it is my only option. I wake a minimum of 3 times a night and the tablets will give me about 3 hours of sleep most of the time.

My sister was prescribed Statins and they really messed her sleep up, GP changed them to another make and she is fine now.

I hope you get it sorted as I know how it messes your life up.

Be Well


Hi becraftygirl, sleeping patterns like everyone says can just be the drugs we take. I get days when I could sleep all day but find it is usually when my chest is bad. Tramadol for pain causes disrupted sleep patterns. It's best to try and work out the cause yourself.Alter things if you can or return to your doctor for help, good luck


I had the same symptons as you I have sleep apnea I use a cpap machine now go to your GP ask for a referral to go to a sleep clinic .


i sleep like a log


I read today that if you have milk at night and brazil nuts they help you sleep. The brazil nuts have selenium in them which is what helps sleep and I know you can get selenium in tablets. I am on zopiclone from the GP and although I don't get hours of sleep, I do sleep in patches of a few hours. The zopiclone doesn't make me sleepy during the day which is an improvement on the old sleeping pills. I don't worry about taking them long term as long term is what I haven't got! Good nights sleep everyone. Popplewell


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