Myocardial Perfusion

Good Morning everyone, I have my Myocardial Perfusion test tomorrow, not looking forward to being injected with the nuclear medicine as I felt really ill last time I had that done in a test. I'm very scared about this test as heart problems are prevalent in my family and my own father had open heart triple bypass surgery. I'm claustrophobic and am not breathing very well at the moment so I'm getting myself in a right old panic. I get anxiety and panic attacks and am really worried about embarrassing myself. What a big baby I am!!

L A xx

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  • Hey not a big baby.I can identify with you. I'm claustrophobic too. I even panic in small toilets when I lock the door. I panic sometimes when I get very breathless and have to calm myself down. Explain it to them they will understand. When I needed an MRI scan I told them my problem and they were wonderfully understanding. Good luck will think of you.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Everyone's afraid of something and I don't believe anyone who says there not. I'm claustrophopic too - don't use lifts etc. I think sometimes the waiting and thinking about something is much worse than when you get there and are busy just doing. Agree with Suzy let them know exactly how you feel - they will have seen it a thousand times before and will help you.

    Good luck LA


  • Thank you for your kind words.

  • Hi Lesley,I remember being scared about the MRI,hate being in that tunnel! However if you were claustrophobic,they said to get there half an hour early & they give you a Valium,it was wonderful,fear went completely.dont know if they do it with your procedure,but as Suzy & Cofdrop said,do make sure you tell them how you feel,they will have definitely heard it before!

    Good luck with it,let us know how you go,xxx

  • Will do and thanks.

  • When I had this done, the scan itself wasn't enclosed, it was "panels" of machine over my body (head free to look around!) so you shouldn't feel claustrophobic. The people doing it all were absolutely wonderful and caring. They really will look after you, honest!


  • I hope is the case. Thank you.

  • Best of luck with the scan today...thinking of you

  • Thank you so much, just about to leave my appointment starts at 08:40. I'll update everyone later.

    L A xx

  • Good luck.

  • Thank you.

  • don't worry the staff are very good and remember the people that do the test have seen it all before a hundred times a day so relax

  • Thank you for you reassurance.

  • Hi All, I took your advice and explained my issues to the medical staff. I nearly drowned when I was 2 years old and really panic when tied in for these scans and going right in the machine is absolute torture for me. The doctor stayed in the room with me standing where I could just peep at him. He chatted the whole time whilst the gamma camera was taking images and when then time came to go into the scanner he continued to blather whilst telling me to keep my eyes shut. I didn't like the test but I did it with the wonderfully kind staff. The doctor said I should be very proud of myself as it is not an easy thing to do with such a traumatic experience in my past. Anxiety was high last night, 3 hours sleep, chest pain flipping awful. So so grateful to you all for your kind words and thoughts. One final question to you all, is bronchiectasis a copd?

    Much love,

    L A xx

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