Is It Just Me That's Slow!! Mattcass

3 A&E Doc's said they would refer me to a pain Clinic 2 Physio's said the same over the last 4 weeks, Do I just sit tight and hope someone contacts me.or do they hope the pain just goes away.NOT!! I get fed up when they say to you what would your pain level be between One to Ten. Well unknown to me one day Mark took a photograph of me when he picked me up from work I was annoyed at first then Mark said show them the photo of what your RA does to you the pain turns you from a normal happy go lucky person into a snivvling wreck.Matt

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  • Referral to clinic is 14 weeks here because its chronic pain and never going away the same as waiting for p/r they dont think that will go away either 6 months is usual for that here heard longer from other areas.

  • Sorry to hear you are getting the normal run around for pain clinic, believe it can take three months or so to get an appointment in most areas I know this doesn't help or ease your pain. I think there should be an emergency service for pain flare up where someone has chronic pain like us. My doctor says up the painkillers it's quicker (smiles) but not always the answer is it mattcass?

  • Sorry to hear of your pain have you tried a Tens Machine? My wife swears by it. I cannot use it as I also have a heart condition.

    Be Well

  • our pain clinic has no money I should have 4 spine blocks a year I'm lucky if I get 2 pain is the most depressing thing I know of

  • Been a Yeovil Town supporter is the most depressing thing I know of.

  • Pain is awful Mattcass and you should not have to just wait and wait for help/treatment but it seems as if you do. Pete has a prolapsed disc (will be a year in April this has been going on), has had one useless injection and now we will finally be seeing a surgeon on the 28th to see what can be done if anything. Now on a scale of 1-10 how do you feel about the medical profession sometimes? No, don't answer that! Hope you get help soon and lots of love to you and Fran. Good on Mark for taking that photo. xxxx

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