Gday sports

How's everyone doing today?

Popped down to the quacks today and saw the chest nurse,

seems I have mild bordering moderate c.o.p.d. ain't sure what to expect from that yet, but hey, still suckling air so its all good. I also got myself an injection, so I can safely say that I am now immune from pneumonia and cockles, which is just as well, I hate bloody shellfish. Tell you what mind, since I got this lung thing I'm sure that nowdays if I puff and pant when im chasing the wife she slows down a bit, ha.ha

if I was the unscrupulous type I could possibly take advantage of this.L.o.l.

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  • Cheers for that mate , looking forward to that then.ha, ha

  • Sorry, hicki, that you have been poorly, and really hoping that things will sort themselves out, but I cant help saying this but your message sounded so upbeat, it made me smile. Do you live a long way off, I wonder??

  • South Wales, im English mind, just moved down here for the sunshine and warm climate. Ha, ha.

    as for my health, I am feeling like a 30yr old today, I probably couldn't catch one but hey, don't stop you feeling like one. L.o.l . Glad to bring a smile to your day, xx

  • I have found that too Hicki since I reached 70. These old biddys slow down so you can catch them. The problem I have when I have caught them is remembering why I was chasing them in the first place.


  • Bobby my old mate, all I can suggest if you find that happening regular is when you get future urges, before setting off at the trot, write yourself a note and pop it in your pocket. Xx happy chasing buddy.

  • P.s. don't get your note mixed up with the shopping list, could cause all sorts of problems, ha ha.

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