Electicity Cuts

Seems we must pay more for fuel and get power cuts without warning. My home as suffered two power cuts today plus a four hour one earlier last year. I have lived in this house for twenty years without any power cuts till this year since the new electric suppliers took over, it takes hours to repair and leaves vulnerable people without heat, light, cooking facilities and telephone unless you have a mobile. And in this case we are not in a storm damaged area.

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  • So far so good down here in Dorset, despite being battered in the storms; we had the lights flicker a couple of times but that was the worst. No electrics for vunerable people is the absolute pits and they have my sincerest sympathies, not that that would be of much help. x

  • It's terrible, Katie. So many suffering so much for so long whilst the power companies rake in profits and don't invest or even maintain very well. But I think you will find the phone still works - mine does during a power cut anyway. :)

  • I have an old phone that works but my digital one does not in a power cut. I have a mobile too. I think this problem on our block is poor maintenance of the electric

  • Katie, These companies are mainly foreign owned & thereforew care not a damn for the customers here, & know we are not able to hold them to account, mind you I grew up in the highest village in N Wales, we were often without power, I can rustle up a lovely pan of stew on an open fire, not thats that much help to you, :( The problem with todays phones is that they need a power source, if you can find an old plug straight into the phone socket type then you wont be totally cut off from the outside world, it,s the ones that use the mains that cause us probems,

    Hope they get their act together soon & you can relax once more

    Karen xxxx

  • Sillywitch when my family were small we used to cook things on an open fire, had no phones and I had a back up paraffin heater for warmth, now everything is dependent on either electric ignition or supply, when you ring up the biggest irritation is an auto phone that says we are busy try on line. But you can't get online in a power cut.

  • Thank you everyone for replies, all seems to be back to normal now fingers crossed it stays the same. Spent half an hour resetting all the clocks ect, variety is the spice of life so they say.

  • How horrible for you katie! How can you get the food you need? Is there a helpline you could phone when this happens, the council? Can you change your supply to a company that's more reliable?

    I change to Utility Warehouse which looks for the most effective firm and pricing. You don't need to stay with a bad firm. I hope you find a solution to this horrible problem.

  • Thanks helingmic, all is back to normal now, plus they rang to apologise, but it is a bit frightening when you live alone, guess I could always get a taxi and go to my daughters for the night. There's no way round these things breakdowns happen I guess, we just hope it's never us.

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