today I had lady from the hospital for home acessment I have to use oxygen at 4 litres when moving about. my reading was 79 without oxygen and it whent up to 87 with oxygen . got to say its a grate relief to have this young lady explain every thing to us .what to do how to do . have to wait now for a tank for garden and a compacter thing for up staires . oh and no more work till jan 2nd . happy chritsmas to one and all

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  • Happy christmas to you so glad your all sorted.

    Kim xxxx

  • That's good news to have before Christmas. Hope you can relax a bit now :)

  • Hope you love your oxygen as much as I do, I am on ambulatory 4lpm. They told me the oxygen was to keep my organs well supplied but would not help my breathlessness but I have found it has helped tremendously with my breathing I can do loads more in the house now, maybe it is psychological knowing I have the oxygen there if I need it.

    Hope it works for you.

    polly xx

  • I had the same message re breathlessness but I have found, like you pollyjj, that my breathlessness does ease when I am on it. I thinks it doesn't work for everyone so they say it won't work to stop disappointment. Mind You I am on 8Lpm ambulatory - don't know how low my level went on the walking test but it must have been pretty low for me to be put on 8L. I do still get breathless but just not as much.

  • happy Christmas too. At least, you can have a peaceful one now. Take it easy!

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