Did anyone else hear on the radio today about a study which claims that eating an extra portion of fruit or veg a day can help cardiovascular problems.

I think I can remember a few years ago some research was carried out on a group of men in Wales linking eating apples with improved lung health. I will try and see if I can find it again.

Does anyone else remember?

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  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Yes I've read recently that this still holds true.

    When living in Africa the doc was miles away and not free. Some one told me to give the children finely grated apple for upset tummy and by jingo it works - especially with the trots. Amazing.

  • I would try anything to stop hubby having to take statins. We know that he has high cholesterol, we eat a very healthy diet but struggle with fruit so have taken to cooking with it instead, not sure if this will reduce the effect of apples or other fruit though. He tried statins once but he had a bad reaction to them, I know there are others available but are we willing to take the risk don't think so.

  • hi porrage oats and garlic help to lower cholesterol as well as many other things

  • avocados? I put 2 tbsns of oatbran in my brekkie every day, Nairn's Rough Oatcakes spread with avocado for snacks. I take a cheap plant sterol tablet every day (that's the stuff they put in those expensive drinks & margrines). Cholesterol down to 6.3 from 8.3 mine's hereditary.

    ....... I'd prefer not to take statins but I do because I've seen too many stroke victims. I woudn't mind going out on one massive heart attack but not a stroke thank you very much.

  • We have decided that hubby's is hereditary as well having looked at the family medical history and what we eat. His is 7.1, when they gave him statins before he had a massive anaphalytic reaction, in fact he had 3 over a week. Can you buy the plant sterol tablets from somewhere like Holland & Barrett?

  • Hi, ooo that's awful, I can see why he'd want to leave out the statins. I'm ok on them but taking steroids at the mo and they are dreadful for me. Just shows how diverse we are.

    I dont know about Holland & B, I get mine from Healthspan, post free. Very good quality and cheaper than most. Based in Jersey so different tax system makes them more economical.

    Incidently, I dont know if you have children, my new young GP told me that research in the last couple of years has come on in leaps & bounds re cholesterol. He suggested my kids get tested so they can take action when they're young. 27 year old has high too. My sister , 55, rushed to get hers checked & it was 9.4!!

    Good luck xxx

  • our eldest was diagnosed with insulin dependant diabetes 2 years ago when he was 38 and his cholesterol is high but his diabetic nurse keeps an eye on it. Will try healthspan, thanks

  • I like most fruit but I can't stand apples, at least my teeth can't. Just my luck. I wonder if apple juice is as good for you.

    Bobby xx

  • it would have to be freshly pressed I think Bobby. Ordinary apple juice is very sweet and might have been processed a while ago xx

  • I think fresh fruit and vegetables are essential to good health generally as well as helping various illnesses.

    I recall the previous articles knitter - Apples and lungs here:

    apples and tomatos good for lungs here:

    also if you search apple juice and tomato juice good for lungs, you will find all manner of articles come up, but you may want to be selective in what you read ;)

  • Next online shop will have apples in my basket with a sweet tooth more fruit will be less fattening than this time of year can be so easily. Keep me doing what I know I should with good advice pleeeeezzz


  • the tropical fruits are more fattening Alison, loaded with sugar. xx

  • Hi, I heard about an apple a day on Breakfast News this morning. I often eat apples so that was a good thing to hear about. Take care. xxx

  • Maybe it is the cynic in me but my betting is this has been commissioned by someone that has an interest n selling apples.

  • It was on the main morning TV news.I have had an apple a day for years


  • I heard it again on the radio today. I ate apples everyday till October. Then got pneumonia and a touch of TB. apples didn't keep these out!I like to cut apples in slices. I like them grated too, it excites my tastes buds!

    But now, I had enough of them.

    My last ones will be mashed ones in red cabbage and with sauerkraut.

    I'm eating bananas and cashew nuts and raisins. Lots of minerals and goodies like boron for bone strengthening..

    I'll go back to apples in Spring!

  • Hi knitter, i do not not remember the research on that subject, but an apple or two every day does make a difference, i do not know why but cooking apples are even better, i get less sputum so i cough less,

  • My daily apple is my i pod relaxing music

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