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I was diagnosed with COPD about 8 years ago. Since then, any support has been with my GP and clinic at the practice. I did have a couple of visits from the Chest Nurse a separate unit but when I was unable to rejoin the group physio due to arthritis of the spine and hip, they no longer kept in touch. They did introduce me to the practice of having antibiotics and steroids at home. Today, having finished the 2nd lot of antibiotics I saw a Dr at the surgery. Was so breathless and upset by the time it happened, he had me on a nebuliser, and was arranging for me to go to hospital immediately. To cut a long story short, after great treatment there, (my daughter took me), I was diagnosed with pleurisy, which would never have got better with antibiotics. They wanted to keep me in , because I need a nebuliser for a couple of days. Have a cat, wanted to come home, so they went to lots of trouble to try and book nurse to come to house, None available because of post code, so then found one I could borrow. A nebuliser, not a nurse!! Providing I go back on Sunday, to be assessed again. I have noticed on this site, people looking for nebulisers, and wonder if it is for them to be able to stay at home. I will buy one, if it means I can stay at home during a flare up. All advice welcome. Does anyone think having antibiotics at home may not always be a good idea? Self diagnosis may be a bit dangerous. I am not stupid, but was reaching the wrong conclusion.

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I bought a nebuliser following a similar situation. But it was a suggestion from GP and you need to be sure your GP will prescribe nebules for it. I believe some GPs can be difficult about this!

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My husband was given a nebuliser about four years ago by the hospital on loan and still has it and it gets serviced once a year . Been fantastic during exacerbations etc. and has definitely kept him out of hospital. Has salbutamol and saline to use in it. Saline is great to help get rid of all the gunk on his chest.

We have abs and steroids at home and always self administer. I suppose it's easier for my husband because he has me as the observer but there have been a couple of times I haven't been sure if he should be in hospital or not. I have learned that it is better to air on the side of caution with Copd it can get so much worse so quickly. I would always make my husband go to docs if no improvement on first course of and after 4 days maybe 5, it is very difficult. Good luck TAD xx ps so glad to hear you got such good care xx

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My G.P. told me to start taking Rescue Medication, if you have any 2 of these 3;

1 Increased Phlegm Production

2 Change In Sputum Colour

3 Increased Breathlessness


I did have all of this Rick, but was still wrong. But thank you so much for your reply.

I'm similar to TADAW except I bought my nebuliser from Ebay and only have salbutamol for it. A few weeks ago I had an appointment with my GP but when I arrived I was too breathless to get out of my car so they wheeled me in by wheelchair ! My doc gave me salbutamol in a neb. I mentioned I had one at home and he made out a prescription for me. Nice doc he is. 10 minutes after using the neb I felt as right as rain !

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Always learning something new with this can be how we feel with one bug or other which drugs work and them that do nowt for you. Nebuliser with salbutamol no use makes me feel worse all shakes its different strokes for different folks have what makes life best for you.

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I usually get to see my doctor when I have started into the rescue pack. Then what I am using is replaced when I get the second opinion on have I jumped to the wrong conclusion a trial and error situation that teaches as much from mistakes. Thank you for sharing


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My nebs is supplied by the NHS for free

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