Foods that make us cough

I know I asked if other people had the same problem as me with certain foods. I didn't expect to end up in pain thr

ough laughing so much. It seems I may end up an overweight alcoholic by throwing caution to the wind and eating too many mince pies and drinking Bailey's and Schnapps. So, now every time I eat something that makes me cough, I will probably start laughing and choke, but what a way to go.

Love you all xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hehe.

    Well, thanks to you I've NOT had a mince pie all week and I've been masticating my nuts well before swallowing!

  • Oh my peeg masticating your nuts brings tears to my eyes at the very thought haha lol :) Janexx

  • Sadly only the almonds & Brazils Jane :( I live in hope though ;D

  • Moderator!!!! Brilliant peeg. xx

  • Can cause depression when excessive

  • Hi Mustcarryon. You be careful! Ha ha! I have asthma and I find a very cold drink of water or brandy and lime which I drink occasionally makes me cough. I'm ok with food though. I liked your post it made me smile. Take care. Mavis. X

  • After a few glasses of whiskey, I cant remember if I coughed or passed out!! hay ho.


  • I love it. What a good idea, i'm a vodka and orange gal myself, think i'll give it a go.

  • Anything works when it takes your mind off your least for that day.

    Don't make a habit of it tho, you may have another prob.. permently out of it! ( not so good!.


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