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Coughed up crystalite asbestos fibers is it safer to be stuck in lung tissue or coughed up thats the looming question

Coughed up crystalite asbestos fibers is it safer to be stuck in lung tissue or coughed up thats the looming question

As some will know i have been coughing up various types of lung tissue with various asbestos fibers stuck in it.

A dont propose to know what is going on ... But what i do know whys it hurt befour it comes out yet it did not when it got down there .... must have something to do with mucus you swallow i.e 1 and half litters to be exact

Thats why when you have lung problems you need to stay hydrated.

As you will know i have been posting replys about bronchial sepsis is not a very nice illness but like we can pic and chose.

But befoure a coughed up the crystallite asbestos fibers after my 7% hypertonic saline .. i coughed up lung scar tissue But then i coughed up a WHITE piece of what i assume to be lung scar tissue.

Under a microscope it had no vains or blood vessels but was tightly compressed and did look like lung tissue as it was full of uniform holes .. it did have fibroblast staining .

Now there is one of three things it could be (1) infection (2) Pleural Plaques (3) Asbestos Pneumoconiosis

A dont think it was a infection as i would know given my history resent xrays

So can only leave other two ... Is it possable to cough up a plaque or scaring ? Might be one for BLF team but my kidneys lynthatic systerm must be getting a hammering.

But issue is given crystalite asbestos fibers i have just coughed up give me hell .. Only reason i know its fiber as it was in my sputom red streaky colour so i got a tissue and look under my microscope And there it was long as anything and curly spring like.

Issue is my treatment making my condition worse as in are the fibers better of stuck in my lungs or moving about like thay are.

Its not like a know if its my body trying to expel them given my doc said all my anti bodies where fine .. or if its meds causing it.

All as i know its very painfull yet fibers cant ben seen on a xray ... what can you do if docs dont belive you A+E

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Thanks for my Email Daz I wish you luck with your problem.By the way How do I Log Off this Forum?,please email me,if possible. Bill

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click on your name and there is a log out option

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Must be awful Daz, I dont know what to say, wish I had a magic wand :( xxxxxxxx


Awful for you Daz but what to do if you are not believed? Keep on and on and on so long as you have the strength to do so and make them believe you. It is your body and you know what you are going through. Keep it all written down and show them what you cough up. Make them use their microscopes as they are supposed to be the experts! Good luck to you in your continued fight against medical people who should know better. Thinking of you. xxxxxx


You are an inspiration - keep on going. Well done with all your investigations - I suppose the doctors don't have the time or the inclination to look at something like this. Good Luck TAD xx


Hell Daz that looks dreadful can you not get it to be tested in a lab I know two people who have done a degree in forensic science this should be looked at have you looked at what this test would cost private.


Ah Daz, My heart goes out to you, you are going through a meat grinder and from what you are saying in this post, are not getting the help you deserve.

I cant answer any of your medical questions, wish I could.

Just keep on banging on at your specialists and insist on proper attention.

It is your body and there is no-one in a better position to know your condition and pain than you.

Your NHS needs a good talking to this samples need to be investigated and properly diagnosed / treated.

Write, Talk , hell, shout at whoever you need to, to get this seen to properly It is your right to expect the best medical care possible..............and then some.

Thinking of you.



Hi Daz, I agree with Onamission, surely someone should be able to look at these things your coughing up. It must be driving you crazy not knowing anything for sure. I feel for you. xx


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