How many people do not tell the truth just to stay in hospital

I have just had ten days in our local hospital having IV antibiotics , in the ward was a guy who every time he was asked by physio to get out of bed he would stand up. wobble on his sticks and say he was too dizzy and crawl back to bed. But when the staff were not looking he could nip out of bed, stroll to the toilet, stroll back and get into bed. He also seemed able to move at twice my speed without sticks. Have others of you noticed similar people. I know the fear of being alone at home is a terrible thing, but the system should be able to help someone like this and put a valuable bed back into use.

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  • That is really sad that the poor man had to do that ,hope he got the help he really needed .

    A friend of mine came to visit me she was really upset, her daughter was going for an appeal for D L A she had put dried peas in her shoes so she would hobble !!how many people tell lies to get or try to get what they want ?

  • Goodness Moneal,that is so sad as Newlands said.I am hopeing to get out this coming week, & as lovely as all the staff have been,Docs,nurses,cleaners etc,I still cant wait to get back home,how horrible that must be,to be so desperate to stay, poor soul.

    I would imagen the nurses would tip the Doctors off,& hopefully get some help with his circumstances.

    Do hope you are feeling better now,& home soon xx

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you Wendells and hope both you and husband are in good shape for the coming Christmas celebrations. Take good care BC x

  • Thanks Blakey xx

  • Hope your soon home with your loved ones love Dorothyxxxx

  • Coming home for Christmas


  • I've never done it myself moneal, but I have thought on more than one occasion that if it came to the point I couldn't afford to heat my home or to eat I would commit a crime so I could go to prison and be kept warm and fed, without having to have funds to pay for bills etc.

    Shocking to hear maybe but I guess feigning illness could be another option in those circumstances.

    If a government pushes people into this situation or for whatever other reason persons are without, you are right there should be something in place for people in lack. The soup kitchen and the local church is not an indefinite replacement for a warm home with food in our belly.

    I guess we none of us know what lengths we will go. We will just have to hope that very few will ever need to resort to these options.

  • I always said if the circumstance were bad enough I would throw stones through shop windows to get sent to jail to keep warm in the winter! Thankfully it should never come to that but desperate people will take desperate measures.....

  • I'll need to do some research first to see what gets you locked up on first offense. I don't know if throwing stones and smashing a shop window would do it, any way something to ponder when needs must :) Keep warm with full tummy through the winter and stay out of mischief ;)

  • I'll do my best but I think my mischief days are over! Perhaps they'd lock me up for being Grumpy hee hee....

  • I'll try that if it works :D

  • That really sad. I had op in August and was SO desperate to get home told docs I felt better than I did! Staff and everyone were lovely but couldn't sleep properly. Desperate for own bed! Probably left hospital too early but better to be at home!

  • Hi

    That was what I felt, it must be awful to feel so scared to go home, he did have helpers but not all day.

    The consultant let me out yesterday, and I must admit I feel so much better, not only is the breathing better, but that horrible anxious feeling has gone and I was getting quite confused, all that has disappeared, but of course you never know if the bug is dead or just waiting it's chance to strike back.

    I am sure the super nurses don't miss tricks like that, they seem to see all and say little.

  • Glad you are feeling better moneal and I do hope that gentlemen you shared your ward with is being well looked after too, for creature comforts and for company.

  • that is what you call a benefit scrounger and a good actor which is why this government is overhauling the welfare system.but if he had illnesses like us he would not have to act.he would know what it is like to have a serious illness.but these people are usually caught out enentualy.he appears to have no shame whatsoever

  • he may also have been desperate not to go back to a freezing, lonely home with little food :(

  • my problem is I leave the hospital before I`m fully recovered ,but I just hate being in them , I`ve been in a few around the world ,i guess i must be allergic to them.

  • I did the early exit earlier in the year, and regretted it for months, until I ended up back in the same bed having the treatment I should have had in January, there is no doubt that my Consultant always knows best, I have now learnt that when he says no don't go home yet there is a good reason for it.

  • me too

  • I know exactly what you mean, when I was in one woman would have a visit eat a burger the side of your head and 10 minutes later be telling staff she thought she was having a heart attack, no you've got indigestion. The other woman in wheel chair with really bad ulcers would never get out of bed so they could change it, then when they went she would dive out and go outside, 6 times one day they ask to do her bed then in the evening her daughter would complain it wasn't done.


  • My problem was the opposite, them sending me home when I wasn't well enough, which culminated in three separate week long hospital stays in three months. If I'd stayed longer first time with continued treatment am sure the second two stays wouldn't have happened but they want/need to turf you out asap. It is very sad that people would rather be in hospital than at home but can understand it if their circumstances aren't good. Libby x

  • 5yrscago I was admitted at my local a&e with pneumonia ,the following morning they wanted to send me home even though I could barely walk to the loo without oxygen,I refused and I was kept I 5days on oxygen,I live alone o old not have managed ,I was really ill

  • Now I am in two minds, was this guy a scrounger, as I may have thought originally, or is it he is lonely and very scared of being on his own. One must assume that if someone is on the ward then they have arrived by ambulance, and gone through medical assessment before being given a bed. So he probably has had some awful experience prior to me seeing him, and I like most of you know what that does to your mind. Your inbuilt safety device says 'Lets not try that again' so as soon as the brain thinks 'They are going to send me home and I will be on my own with no one to help me' it starts to panic and thinks of ways to stop it happening.

    I am one of the lucky ones with a wife who looks after me when things start to go wrong, without her I may not be so keen to come home to an empty house. There is more to copd than meets the eye

  • A long time ago I was in a GP ward with back trouble. I was 26, lived alone in a 3rd floor flat (no lift) and I was desperate to get home. On the day of my release I waited for the nurses to bring me my clothes. The elderly lady opposite was going out that day too and they gave her her clothes just after breakfast. When I queried what was happening the nurse said ' we know you want to go home, but Sarah needs a little more encouragement.' The lady in question had been in the General Hospital for a few weeks following surgery and was then sent to the GP unit to recuperate because she lived alone. She was certainly not a scrounger. She was institutionalised and, I think, really scared to leave the comfort and security of the high tec hospital with its 24hr staff. I felt sorry for her.

  • I was told I could go home until my O2 was at a certain level. I was on a monitor 24 hours so with time on my side I found a way around to get the percentage increase they wanted when they tested me. I was so desperate to get home. Which was probably not the wises thing I could of done. I was on a zimmer for 2 weeks but then realised when home, I have not used stairs or even if I could get up them. My 2 sons came and got me up the stairs so I could get to bed.

  • Its called bed blocking years ago in the days before ATOS the it company people would take up hospital appointments waste thousands of pounds on x-ray complain they had a bad back as soon as they got the DLA the hospital would never see them again. Now ATOS is in and making thousands of pounds and not paying a single penny in tax because they are a polish company they over ride the hospitals and GP's. This is very sad the NHS was set up to provide treatment for people who were ill and it is people who are bed blockers who are draining the NHS leaving very little funds for the likes of us very sad really

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