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gone and got my self a great virus sent in sputum test will know mon what antibiotics i have to take to help it thank god chesty cough is so loose so easy to get off and now develope head cold yuk headach neck ache been taking lemon and honey and dare i say a swig of jack daniels in my tea yummy

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Keep swigging the Jack Daniels. It won't cure the cold but you won't give a monkeys about it. lol

Bobby xxx


jack daniels in tea is always good xx


Stick with the hot lemon and honey.



Try using pure green tae ( bags ) 1 spoonful of lemon juice and 1 spoonful of honey in a cup and allow to sit for 3 - 4 minuets to infuse.

The taste isn`t all that bad but you will get used to it and as an antioxidant drink it is desirable.



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