Bronchiectasis and innoculation for HIB


Hi all

Have recently seen a consultant who suggested I have a vaccination against the HIB bacteria (which coincidentally comes combined with the added bonus(?!) of the meningitis vaccine) as I seem to be very susceptible to HIB. Has anyone else had this and, if so, did it work/did you have a reaction to it and are there any suggestions for alternative treatment, please.

Thanks for all your help.


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  • It sounds like a good idea. I have bronchiectasis a well and have had 8 courses of antibiotics this year. I personally feel prevetion is a good thing. I have other autoimmune diseases as well so I will be asking my consultant when I see her. I am sure your consultant would not recommend it if he didnt think it was of use, Good luck with your decision,

  • Thanks for your reply, Lisacj. My concerns are about vaccinations generally because I have read several articles concerning their long term safety and the side effects. I am going to research some more and make a decision then. Will let you all know the outcome.

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  • My bronchiectasis consultant did a shedload of blood tests when she took me on as a new patient (I have had bronch for 60+ years). She said my tetnus antibodies were low as were my HIB antibodies and recommended I had further vaccines. It happens, she said. No problems for me, just the usual angry skin around the jab area and some discomfort when touched.

  • Thanks, happyfeet59. Did you find that you got less infections after having the vaccine? i keep having Hib infections, then a course of antibiotics to clear it and then another Hib infection a few months, sometimes weeks after the previous one! i think the infection is not properly cleared and it lies dormant (in undetectable numbers/amounts) only to resurface after it has had a chance to multiply and be deteceted in the sputum specimen....

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  • I wasn't aware that I had had Hib infections previously. I never took much interest in what my infections were, just sent in the sample and took the drug my GP prescribed. It was only after I colonised pseudamonas and changed consultant that I was told about the various bugs I might grow.

    I had the vaccine 2 years ago and have not had Hib bug since.

  • Sorry about the delay, I've been very down. Thanks for that info. Did you have any side effects from the jab?

  • No side effects

  • Ok, thanks very much.

    Kind regards

  • I had the HIB jab for the same reason as you and no problem with side effects. I do not know of any other options.

  • Thanks Pentreath. Did you find you had less infections afterwards and how long did that last - i.e. did you need to have another jab?

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  • I, too, have Bronchiectasis. Could you tell me please what HIB bacteria is?

    Stay well, Tamara

  • Hi Tamara70. Hib is a type of bacteria - haemophilus influenzae b that collonizes in the lungs and can damage them. It is a very common bacteria and if one is susceptible to it, or have a weak immune system, then it is easy to catch. Ther are other strains of hib -'b' is just one of them and possibly the most common.

    Stay well too


  • Thank you Swimmer

    I shall have a chat with my consultant next time I see him. I don't think he ever mentioned the vaccine or HIB. I suppose if it stops infections, it is a good thing.


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