I have Bronchiectasis and asthma do you think it unreasonable to ask consultant for second ct scan to see deterioration of my lungs?

I was on antibiotic cover (Clarithromycin once daily) then my consultant decided to take me off it. That was in January which resulted in numerous infections lasting through to July. I requested to go back on it in August but I still don't feel right. Then I asked him if it would be a good idea to see how much damage had been done. He said no. I'm not happy, and now I've been diagnosed with diabetes and told I mustn't have Steroids unless I absolutely need them! -maybe I should hold my breath when I'm ill??? What do you think?

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  • Oh dear, poor you, that's not good. What was his reason for taking you off the clarith? I'd have thought you need to be on it for the winter months. Have you spoken to your GP? Mine is sympathetic and would give me what I needed (and they have) without con.

    I have a horrible con, I won't see him and when I go I insist on seeing one of his registrars who is wonderful. It means I go in a few days before the appointment to check if there are registrars on for his clinic. He refused a ct scan but the moment I saw a registrar she requested one immediately on reading my history.

    It's an extra dose of radioactivity so perhaps this is the reason. Either way, you don't need more damage to your lungs. Please see someone else or your GP. Good luck, peeg

  • Thanks for reply and your concern-just wish dr would be!! lol The reason he reckoned was because the 'bugs' can get used to antibiotics. Except when I do get an infection they give me dioxycycline which clears it up eventually. But with this diagnosis of diabetes muddies the waters abit as one of the problems is poor recovery from infections. I'm taking loads of vitamin supplements one of which is 1000mg vit C and zinc to try to boost my immune system up as much as possible. My Gp is fairly good its the ineffectual consultant I've got its as if he really hasn't got a clue. I asked about a different consultant and all the replies I received was 'oh but hes very good'. I just don't think hes good in this particular field of bronchiectasis.

    Hands seem to be very well and truly tied?

    Thanks for listening, take care.


  • I just told them at the chest clinic reception that I won't see him. They said I couldn't change con but could see a registrar. I once drove a two hundred round trip for my appt with a registrar only to find that only 'he' was on duty so I just made another appointment. I absolutely will not have anything to do with him. I find the registrars are more modern, clued up & on the ball.

    I know if I had the last few years again I would borrow the cash to get a private ct scan, I could have cut out two or more years of illness. Thanks to BLF I'm getting quite well - comparatively! Take care

  • Don't stand for any nonsense you are entitled to see whoever you want, maybe you could go to a different hospital not too far away. I agree with peeg stick to your guns and don't see anyone you don't want to.

    I was told over 20+ years ago by some awful consultant that my condition (Empysema) was my own fault caused by my smoking so if I thought I could get a lung transplant I was mistaken, and I probably would not live that long anyway. Needless to say I never saw him again.

    I am still here and fighting.

    polly xx

  • Reading this just makes me realise how luck I am with my consultant.

  • Me too! It's my gp surgery that I have problems with, useless. Just because I'm physically feeble they seem to think it extends to my brain too! Sadie xx

  • I have been treated for bronchiectasis for the last twelve years and average 7 infections/antibiotic courses a year.

    BUT a new consultant took over my case a year ago and he insisted that I should have a high resolution scan to confirm what is going on. Result - I don't have bronchiectasis and probably never have had it but I do have mild emphysema! I can now be considered for longer courses of antibiotics although my Symbicort remains appropriate. I really think an occasional high resolution scan would be useful for all we chesty folk. I suppose cost comes into the equation.

  • I too have bronch + asthma and since starting on azithromycin earlier this year, I have been amazed at the improvement in my health. So much so that when I saw the physio recently she couldn't get me to cough up any mucus at all, and I haven't needed to use a reliever inhaler for weeks. I also have seretide and montelukast for the asthma, antihisthamines for rhinitis and omeprazole for GERD. Taken a long time (years) to get to this point though! Rather than another CT maybe you should be questioning the meds?

  • Hi Sorry with you, If you have had a CT - scan , I simple x ray will tell the Doc's what's is going on and to my Antibiotic can do more damage then good sorry its not what you want to hear .

  • I have severe cops and emphysema and I avoid a ct scan because I know the scan wont help me breath better, A lot of people don't realise how much radiation a ct scan gives you, its about 14 chest xrays worth in one go.

    So if you have breathing trouble get a simple chest x ray and get on preventers and ventolin and exercise like a beast, join a gym swim walk run if you can and eat well small meals 5 times a day good luck

  • I just re read your comment about diabeties and steroids, hmm well its more important to breath than anything else and the daibeties will lower if you exercise and get the diet right good luck mate

  • You should go to your doctor and it's not a great idea to hold your breath for too long if you have asthma ask your doctor about SAFE treatments that won't effect your diabetes

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