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Hi all Thanks for all you concerned replys. I asked My GP regarding Flutiform, and without looking he just said, that it is not a Trial drug, its just a new medication that came out last month. I just said that I was concerned about not being monited if it was a trial drug, and that I could only find information on internet about it being a trial drug starting in uk from september 2013 . He just kept going on about it taking about 10 years to be put on the market to be prescribed. Left it at that. If any one els finds information on it, let me know, Oh well hope it works Thanks again. Nannyb xxx

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  • If it works, I would go with it. Good luck. Alison :-) :-)

  • Thanks I'm hoping it does, Nannyb xx

  • Good to hear its not a trial drug! Good luck TAD xxx

  • I am glad, I would take a trial if I was Asked. Thanks Nannyb xx

  • Thanks for that, have been taking it, and will continue, hope it works Thanks again Nannyb xx

  • Flutiform®: British National Formulary

    3 Respiratory system > 3.2 Corticosteroids > FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE > Compound preparations

    Compound preparations: British National Formulary

    3 Respiratory system > 3.1 Bronchodilators > 3.1.1 Adrenoceptor agonists > Selective beta2 agonists > FORMOTEROL FUMARATE

    Product Label List: British National Formulary

    Appendix 3 Cautionary and advisory labels for dispensed medicines

  • Sorry that you can't click straight on but you can google British National Formulary. It is completely up to date information. x

  • Thanks for the information, Have just been on site and is a good site, to check things out. Thankyou Nannyb xx

  • Quote from press release

    Cambridge, UK, 19 September 2013

    - Mundipharma Research Limited (Mundipharma)

    announced today a major milestone in the development programme of



    (fluticasone propionate / formoterol fumarate) for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive

    Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with the commencement of a key clinical trial.

    Also quoted within the article "flutiform is not currently licensed for the treatment of COPD."

    It is licenced for use for the treatment of Asthma.

    Full article (PDF) is at:

    This suggests that if you are NOT suffering from Asthma, then your doctor MAY be breaking the rules, a serious misconduct.

  • Hi Johnwr Thanks for replying, That's what I had seen, and told doctor about, but he insisted it's not a trial. Thanks Nannyb xxx

  • Nannyb, why dont you give the BLF a call just to be sure. xx

  • Hi peeg, I will give them a ring, Thank you Nannyb xx

  • Don't want to throw in a spanner Nannyb but have you thought about changing your doctor? At best, your current one sounds a very dour person, and not at all suited to working in partnership with you - partnership working being the essence of good clinical practice for healthcare personnel working with patients with long term conditions.

    Whether its a trial drug or not, you shouldn't just be changed from one drug to another without discussion. I endorse Peeg's suggestion to ring the BLF - take care, jean

  • Hi Jean, Thanks for your reply, I think the problem these days is, that you do not have a local doctor like you used to. When I was younger you had one doctor, you new his name, he new you and your family, you would walk in the doctors,Which all ways looked like a house. sit in the waiting room and then see him, you didn't care how long you were waiting, you new you were going to be seen, by someone you knew, and who knew you. Ours was DR Smith and he all ways liked a drink. Our Doctors now is awful, there are about 12 consultants, plus local's plus trainee's. You do not have one that knows all about you. And you still cannot get an appointment. I upset a Consultant at my Hostpital, I was reffered to the throat specialist with my GP's diagnosis and when I got there, I sat down and he said, What can I do for you, well I didn't know, So it just came out ( You can give me this weeks wining Lottery numbers for a start ) needless to say he was not amused. Oh well. Sorry for going on. Nannyb xxx

  • Like that one, you can give me the winning lottery numbers,,!! Great X

  • Thanks for that, I think the only upside to my GP surgery is, they are like buses, there will all ways be another one along soon. Nannyb xxx

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