Titillating songs, wrong

I wanted people to be aware of a petition for the right place of women in our society. It's Change.org that organises it. I have participated in those before, they are "kosher" spam free.

Here's the reason why I wanted to share this with you:


I just signed the petition "David Cameron: Put age-ratings on music videos whether sold in shops or viewed online" on Change.org.

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:




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  • Lol can you imagine a petition for the right place of men in our society. Given that half of society is made up of women?

  • Lol, that made me smile.

  • Signed Helingmic. I agree that there needs to be a classification. Many female singers appear in videos that I, for one, would not want my grandchildren to see. And many lyrics demean women. x

  • I think censorship in this case is the responsibility of the individual, I understand what your saying but, I'll bet at twenty one, the top of a girls nylons had you dreaming, so it's no different today as it was then, times change, boundaries are pushed, if they weren't, life would be very boring and very staid.

  • Ok for individual censorship. But if enough individuals get together and say that isn't a good way to present women to children (and others) that puts massive pressure on the government to act. I'm sorry to say that we are a Christian based country and multi cultural with other religions. We are accountable to our society.

    I heard, some time ago, that Muslims were deriding "our Christian country" for not acting Christian-like at all.

    I don't say we have to become fanatical fundamentalists! We have to abide by a moral code of "Love your God and love others as yourself"

    Love God has gone by the board for many of us. What remains of other standard? It's a deep question about the kind of society we want in the UK.

  • This is not about censorship iamnins, but about each having a classification so that parents can see which ones are too explicit.

  • Yes,completely agree with Stitch,good post xxx

  • Thank you all for taking part. Indeed flibberti, what happened to feminism? and what happened to the true men who were chivalrous and opened the door to ladies (or other men!!!).

    What happened to our true values as men and women?

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