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Letter from My Consultant Immunologist

NHS is alive and kicking. As I have mentioned before I go to the University Hospital in Cardiff every 3 weeks to get my infusions of antibodies. Yesterday I received a copy of a letter from my consultant Immunologist to my Consultant Chest specialist asking for me to be referred to my local hospital for the continuation of my treatment as they are now struggling to fit patients in at the Heath Hospital. My local hospital The Royal Glamorgan Hospital is only 10 minutes away so I can drive down and get the treatment with free sandwiches . Cannot be bad. Thank you Dr for being so caring.

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What an uplifting post Berwick and hope you are keeping as well as you can. xxxx

Thank you Sassy59. I went for my infusion on Tuesday and as they were busy they increase the speed on the antibodies into my blood. After a while I started to get chest pains, felt extremely hot and flushed called the sister across and screen went around drip was switched off and checked all over and I was OK after a while temp came down, chest pains went. Reason too much, to quick after that it was a slow infusion, but I felt tired but ok afterwards. Thank you Berwick. xxxx

What a fright you must have had so glad it ended well. Fantastic to have a transfer to your local hospital it will make life easier for you. Whats in the sandwiches? Can I share lol x

Sandwiches are various , brown bread nicely filled with all sort of healthy goodness. No chip butties Boooo. It was a fright because you don't know what the H.... is happening. I do have angina and critical heart failure as a result of my COPD and bronchiectasis so it was fingers crossed and pray. What sandwiches do you like.? Berwick. xx

Tuna mayo for me every time x

What on earth is the NHS coming to - serving healthy, tasty sandwiches? The last time I was hospitalised what nearly killed me was the truly awful, unhealthy food served. Typical menu was bread and jam for breakfast, corned beef sandwich for lunch (extremely salty) and something unrecognisable and inedible for the evening meal with cake and lumpy custard to follow. Think I will move to Wales, berwick!

I was surprise too Toci, the sandwiches were very nicely packed, cut very nice and did not taste of cardboard. I agree with you about the meals. I was in hospital in London once with my heart and was presented a pork chop floating in grease very nice for a heart patient. I got my own back though, you had to choose your next meal and on the other side of the card was different meals for different cultures. As I knew I was going home that day I gave the next person who got my bed a very nice first day meal, curried goat bones and all. Hope he enjoyed it. LOL

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Hey B stop telling the English about our fab Wales they will all move in. Better put the price up on the bridge. x

Nice one. They are too tight to pay only kidding friends lol. Berwick xx

Hi Berwick how good is that far more convenient for you and the bonus of tasty sandwiches cant be bad.Didnt like the sound of your hairy scarey moment but glad is was a simple remedy phew! :) Janexx

Berwick, I am curious. Are you receiving treatment because you have become immune to all antibiotics. I worry because some antibiotics wont work for me. What would happen if none of them worked or am I becoming a pessimist.

Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, people cannot . . .

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You are quite correct, although I take long term antibiotics there are some bugs which come resistant to the long term ones so I go on my emergency supply of a different antibiotic . Thanks for your help Berwick

Hi Stilltruckin.

Thank you for all the links that you put in answer to the posts.

They are always very informative and a llot of work must have gone in to find these links.

They make very interesting reading so keep up the great work!

Stay well

Tamara (PS. Like your name - it conjures up all sorts of travelling!)

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Annie, I have pm you and before i forget I am on long term antibiotics regards berwick x

Thanks, Berwick

Where is this place called Wales?


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Some where between Scotland and. The isle of Wight lol berwick

Left or right ?

Depends whether your going up or down Berwick

As I write, there is a programme on ITV, 7.30pm, "When drugs dont work, etc" Interesting and very relevant to this thread

I watched this program. Very scarey! especially if like a lot of us we need to take antibiotics on a regular basis.

Did you see the vast amount of medicines that chap had to take for his CF? I hope I never get to the stage where I would need so many.

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