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On the up - pneumonia

I visited the doctor today and we had a chat about my condition ect and I am at last feeling a little better. Sadly I wont be back at Work until mid November but hopefully i can negotiate a phased return or reduce hours for a few months.

I feel a lot more optimistic today and I am thinking of going on a spa break in a couple of weeks to really get me back to feeling good about myself. I havent decided where yet but hopefully something fairly local so my partner can take me and pick me up. Its good to have something to look forward to.

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Good idea Hopetorun, a bit of pampering will be very good for you. Cor, I wish I could join you! xx


You deserve a treat hopetorun



Hello Hopetorun

Good idea I had double pneumonia last year I was off work 3 months, but my family convinced me to still go on holiday to Scotland I still felt rough so we took a wheelchair just in case, felt so much better for relaxing.

So go for it.

Have a lovely time.

Kim xxxx


Sounds like a plan Hopetorun defo something to look forward too .So nice to hear you say your feeling better ,mentally as well as physically.Happy days are afoot really happy for you.Janexx


I hope you have a lovely break away at the spa! Sure it will be relaxing, pamper yourself and take care x


Great idea - pampering is the way forward!! Have a fab time. TAD xx


Hi! Sounds lovely. You enjoy yourself.


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