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I have had a chest infection since I came back from holiday a month ago have gone back to work twice had antibiotics and two courses of steriods. gave a sputum sample which came back clear of infection. so when my breathing started to gradually deteriorate a few days after finishing the steroids, i made an appointment with my GP. I thought I would wait and see my own GP so I had to wait 5 days. By the fourth day I was feeling very tired breathing was appalling but went to work any way thought I would just do a few hours had to go home within 3 pains around one side of my chest all down my arm really hurt to cough felt ill. ended up at the doctors mid afternoon . Dam pneumonia, really rough evening gradually getting better now. its been three days rang the hospital as I am due to see the specialist in November and asked if i could have any cancellation appointments. they rang me today He will see me on Monday in his Lunch hour! I am so pleased and relived I dont think you could ask for better a really caring chap.

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  • Pneumonia is a real pain I've had it twice. Glad your seeing your consultant on Monday I'm sure he will tell you to take it easy and give yourself time to recover sounds like you need more medication.

    Good luck

    Kim xxx

  • At the first sign of a cold take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C. An hour later take 1,000 Vitamin C. Keep taking 1,000 every hour until it's gone. I've never gone past the third dose. It works for everyone I know who tries it. I read about it in Prevention Magazine about 8 years ago. I think it has saved me from pneumonia several times. I had double pneumonia 4 years ago but haven't had any colds since. Considering MY FEV1 is 20% and I've been on oxygen for over 8 years I'd say that's pretty good. I also take 5,000 IU of Vitamin D every day.

    The key is to start this within the first 6 hours of a cold - it won't work after that. Don't fool with infections. They never go away on their own.

  • Hello copdiving just wondered why u are on such a high dose vitamin D, they have told me 400 iu is all u need per day, I had none a year ago and was given 20,000 perday 15 days loading dose then 20,000 per month for 6 months! Just had blood test and levels back upto 69 usual healthy ratio is 75 they say,so I will continue for 3 months then check again. Do u get your blood levels Checked ? As u can overdo vitamin D and that can be harmful can't it x

  • I was told 28 mg per pound of body weight each day to maintain a steady amount. It is an awesome protector against colds. I know a few people who have had transplants and they are told to take it every day. I do take a day off here and there.

  • Yes I believe it's very good and we should all get levels checked. They say it helps lots of conditions. I never realised its a hormone, not a vitamin, well aids the hormone release

  • Hi Booboo, I've taken D3 since this time last year. I stopped when the sun finally arrived but the very knowledgable respiratory nurse at PR insisted that it's now recommended to take it year round and in higher doses. She said they've found recently from research that it has many other health benefits.

    If you have a look in Stilltruckin's posts she has interesting info on it.

    I've also not had a cold - which for me ALWAYS becomes

    in a chronic chest infection - for six whole months so I shall keep taking them. It's very cheap too. I get all my vitas from Healthspan by post, they're excellent. Pen

  • Thanks peeg I will have a look at that x always best to get as much info! Informed decision and all that thank you!! X

  • peeg, I just wonder. You say a cold, but how about stagnating mucus in the lungs that turn into pneumonia. I did take Vit D, but in smaller doses. I thought I was prepared for the Autumn, and there came pneumonia!

  • I hope you're feeling better Helingmic. It's awful you & Hopetorun have been so poorly.

    I'm very, very fortunate to only have ashma and a small amount of damage on both lungs. I'm thinking the mild copd might even be gone now that I've not been ill for ages. I've also not had pneumonia since the jab over 2 years ago.

    In the last few months I reckon my immune system has recovered a lot (perhaps I'm clutching at straws? Heading for a fall? I dont know).

    Anyway, I've just ordered Super Strength D3 and some B12 to see me through winter. I'm determined to fight the bastard germs.

    As a Sunday morning time waster I've just worked out that my extra vits costs me £12 a month and Manuka another £10 so not too bad.

    I've usually got a bit of green yuk deep in lungs & sinuses. As I said, I realise I'm lucky but others are less so.

    The lovely PR physios also said they are trying hard now to catch people early so they can help prevent the worsening.

    Stay as warm & well as you can. xx P

  • peeg, thank you. I'd like to say that I have used a mild solution (home made) of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in warm water to rinse my nose when I had too much gunk. this is soft on the nose

    Take your D3 and hope for a good winter.

    I'm going back to the gym next week. so, yes! I think I feel much better now. Thanks.

  • I will get some in thanks for that .

  • I will get some in thanks for that X

  • Hi hopetorun hope your well again soon ! I needed 3 lots of antibiotics when I had pneumonia only then did it go! Doxycycline, clarithromycin, penicillin V and good old penicillin got rid of it in the end hehe. U will know wen it's gone! Rest, fluids, warmth x

  • Hi Hope to run, hope you're on the mend.

    I feel for you, I had pneumonia 5 times in under 2 years an endless infections over last 4 years or so - until the last 6 months when I've been clear (yippie I yo).

    Not had pneumonia since I had the jab against it.

    Take care of yourself. P

  • Did you go on holiday by plane or were you on a cruise? I have found out certain airlines do not purge their air and some do. Cruise companies do not seem to acknowledge the risk from their air conditioning.

  • ha ,hows it going u ok ,mary my friend and her husband,she as copd,mod,goes all time on cruises,she loves them,her grl works at travel company,and gets them cheaper ,for them,otherwise itd be hard money wise,bernicex

  • Hi off cut sorry to be thick but what does it mean, by some airlines don't purge their air, wonder if this could be the cause of my nasty chest infections each time I go on hols.

  • I did a little research and found Thompsons do not purge air on their short EU flights BA purge their scheduled flights every 3 full flights or there abouts Virgin Purge after every Long Haul.

    In the days of smoking on planes it was in fact a healthier option as they cleared the air every 20 mins. Some airlines use ion to flush though the air system which is a natural antiseptic. I have also found that most cruise liners do not clean their systems and the way they design them if there is a bug it will go though to everyone.

    I asked my attendant how often they purged when I flew with Thompsons and she did not know and went to the captain. He told her "That the do not ever, the only fresh air is when they open the doors to let us in and out " When she asked why I explained that I picked up an infection after my holiday that put me in ICU for 32 days. She then said that all of the staff get chest infections and sore throats all the time. I have heard this so many times now it is not a coincidence. Decent filters can be bought for around 1$ but until people can prove were they got the infection no one will bother. Unless you take a swab of your air outlet after each flight and then get an infection that matches the swab they will not bother.

    An american Airline removed one olive from its meals and saved $35,000 if they look at things like that spending a dollar to keep people safe is out of the question.

    Sorry my rant over :)

  • This is no rant offcut, its our health at risk, we go to warmer climates, hoping to feel better, and come back twice as bad, after paying good money cramped into tiny seats .

  • Morning hope to run, can I ask if you travelled by air on your holidays a month ago, because every time I fly I come back with a chest infection, A really bad one, I ask this as my partner is on about going abroad, soon and I really am frightened about being ill again, but don't wont to spoil things for him.

  • Hello junespoon It is difficult for me to judge at the moment as I seem to be lurching from one infection to another. I do have my suspicions that I am picking up infections while traveling. I do find laying in the sun abroad with no housework or work seems to suit me and my chest feels a whole lot better. I dont think worring about these things helps. Stress, extra physical activity all seem to play a part in making me bad.

    I do find massage and relaxation techniques helpful. Try talking to your doctor he may suggest you take antibiotics before you go on holiday. just a thought.

  • Hi hopetorun, sounds like you have found a very caring consultant keep hold of him. He's worth his weight in gold.


  • Hope you are feeling better very soon. What great reassurance to have such a caring consultant you can't ask for more than that. Let us know know how it goes on Monday in the meantime take good care and rest with love TAD xx

  • Hope you are feeling better soon hopetorun. So glad you are being well looked after by your consultant.

    Take good care BC x

  • Sounds like youv'e been through it. On the road to recovery now, good luck

  • Do the face masks ensure you stop catching chest infection. (ie on planes etc). Was told at PR it was the cold winter air that causes them, hense stay in unless you have to go out and cover face! Lor

  • Excellent consultant hopetorun goodgame!Wishing you a speedy recovery.Janexx

  • Get better soon


    Your daily tonic

  • Get well soon hopetorun and good luck on Monday. What a lovely consultant you have there. xxx

  • have you not had the jab for pnumonia ? . i have .

  • Hello Frank65 Yes I have had the pneumonia jab about 12 years ago but have had it twice since.

    thanks for your suggestion though.

  • i had my jab last december but still ended up in hospital with yes you got in one pneumonia that makes six times now . it does not stop you getting it just means you do'nt get so bad

  • I have had pneumonia some years ago. It takes a while to get your energy back, but you will be fine, hopetorun - all the best.

  • My husband has had pneumonia twice now. It took a chest infection to give him two blood clots in his lungs so go careful and never leave things to chance

  • hi Mavary I have had an xray and somthing has shown up but dont know what yet nothing to worry too much about I am sure. could be aspergillus mould so waiting the results of the blood tests. I am feeling alot better but going to be on antibiotics for some time. Cant face work for a few weeks so i am hoping to be signed off for a couple more weeks. I may have to cut my hours drastically for a while. When I said I thought I should slow down a little the specialist said yes you should! many thanks for you responce Irene xx

  • It's so good you have a caring consultant. If it were me (but you are not!!!) when I feel so ill that I cannot breathe properly and probably have a high temperature, I phone my GP. yes, she comes and gives me Clarythromycin. but she tells me that if i don't feel better, I hsould ring the ambulance to be taken to hospital.

    At the end of September, I'm glad I did. My Oxygen level had gone down to 71% and my temperature had gone up to 39. At the hospital, they diagnosed pneumonia and gave me IV Tazocyn. coming out, My GP came and gave me some more Clarythromycin for a few weeks to clear everything. This has worked now. I've seen the pulmonary nurse, and I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow. I'm so glad yours was prompter than mine. do look after your lungs before it gets too bad. You don't need to wait till you are so ill you collapse at work! I don't think they will thank you for it!

  • take care Helingmac :)

  • to everyone. I saw the consultant today. great bloke! yes definitely pneumonia now doing some other tests including CT scan no worries about the Big C just other things. more pills and potions plus need to go back in three weeks and to have complete rest in the meantime. I will thank every one soon but not feeling up to sitting that long at present and switching the old brain on. many thanks to all and still quite positive just need to get over this!!!!

  • You look after yourself . I'm sure we will all still be here when you feel more able to come back on the BLF site.

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