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Well what a surprise British Gas has put the fuel prices up by 9% average says sarcastic me. That's at least £3 a week extra for low consumers, far more than that for the less able who need more heat .And the answer to beat this,SWITCH. I just had a summer gas bill where the standing charge was more than the gas cost how pathetic and this is a tariff recommended by the local council for low income families. There seems to be no way to beat the fuel rises and the fuel companies always have some excuse for raising more profit. moan over have a good day everyone

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  • Know what you mean Katie. I can't get a job and am on benefits. . I have not turned on the heating yet because of the cost. I just put more layers on. Even though I have had flu the heating still stayed off. Can't afford it.

    A moan a day is good for you! Hope eveyone ok.

  • I haven't put mine on yet either I snuggle up on the sofa with my fleece I also have a little toy dog with a lavender bag you can put in the microwave to heat up and put back inside I cuddle that too.

  • It was mentioned on a TV program (The Wright Stuff) earlier today, that the difference in an average dual-fuel bill from the cheapest and the most expensive supplier is just £40 a year . . .

  • This could be quite true, there is only fractions difference in the unit price from company to company as I see it. What's causing hardship is the constant rises above inflation and the lack of help for the poorer members of society, we all have to pay the same no matter how much income we get and there are only so many savings we can make on fuel before we have to switch it off as too costly.

  • Yep, where one leads the rest will follow. After seeing more than one acquaintance get in a mess after changing over, inaccurate billing/meter reading and the like, I'll stick with British Gas I think. I've never had a single problem with them and in this day and age that's worth its weight in gold alone! Sadie xx

  • better the devil you know as they say

  • why do they have a tanding charge?

  • don't know why they have a standing charge, some other companies do too but the gas unit cost is cheaper usually where there is a standing charge. But that is not the case with British Gas, they are already one of the dearest per unit without the rise. Any way just thought I would put you in the picture while I was replying whit enjoy the rest of the day

  • Go to your supplier now and ask for their best tariff for you with your respiratory condition and ask them for a fixed term of 2 years at the rate offered before the rises take place.


  • That is a good idea King

  • Thanks for that , good advice for everyone on the site

  • Our gas and electric are both with British Gas, so don't have the heating on....thank goodness for fleece, but its only October and the rest of the winter to come.

    I try and go out to get warm...shall be reading the newspapers in the library next!

  • I am with British Gas on their best fixed tariff for two years

  • At the risk of being beaten up by you ladies I think I should point out that the profit of British Gas after paying all expenses is just 5.6%. We need to keep things in proportion. I will now duck and run for the exit.

    Bobby xxxx

  • No need to duck and run all companies have huge expenses to pay in the form of research and maintenance.

  • OK so there profits seem quite small overall. Don't duck and run the post was to gender everyone's opinion including yours.

  • We have always been with British Gas - until today. Our expected yearly saving is less than £50 but it is being tied in for 2 years . Felt the need to switch as a protest. Only time will show if we have done the right thing. Dont feel they appreciate loyal, long term customers. Joyce

  • Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place eh! :( BRRRR!Janexx

  • I have both gas and elec with British gas and it is tempting to dash out and change but I have always had good service from them so I will do some research before I do anything.

    I will also try Kings idea to ring and ask for cheaper tariff.

  • sounds like sensible approach to me, good luck

  • My fuel is British gas as I am with Sainsbury's energy who have a deal with British Gas for a fixed term plan called price watch till next July, so no rise for me just yet, but there will be in the summer if I stay put. Sounds nice silversurfer a cuddly hot toy & fleece to keep warm.

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