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Keep on the tablets or go for being Pacemaker Dependent with dodgy lungs

When I saw my cardiologist yesterday. He explained that they are not over keen on doing any more ablations because of the scar tissue and my lung condition. He stated that any other procedure could be more dangerous than the possible benefit I would get if it worked.

I ended up been told leave the room and wait for the head man to come and see me. What was said to me then was my best options are increase my tablets. (not keen as my fingers went blue last time) Or have a pacemaker fitted wait 6 months and then have my sinus node removed which will make me pacemaker dependant. This will give me a regular pulse but will not cure the wobbles.

However he closed this with I must get more advice and help with my lungs as they have noticed a deterioration from when they had to give me O2 while flat a few months back when they did the EP.

Seeing my doctor about my lungs next week. I have found out I was working with asbestos for 15 years so might get some sort of reaction to look further

Do I wait and hope for the wonder pill or go for machine reliance?

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offcut,i cant hep u in your decision,but any cr,p asbestos /what can I say u wont already no.think carefully in your choice,hold u in my thoughts and prayers,other member on hear 2nd life and daznot good,could u not pm them for any advice,life is what we are dealt with,seems its Russian roulette for most of us,on hear,try not to worry,easy said then done but try,breathe well,bernicex

I wish I could help you but I know nothing to say that will help.Someone willbe along shortly with more experience to offer you better support.

Good luck and all the very best with the decision - perhaps a call to BLF on Monday?

xxx peeg

Hi offcuts and carrots .. Ad go for pace maker if your suffering like you have described with you heart ...

Is grim but will only stand so much ad go for regular pace maker ... is hard but its not like you have a choice how you doing at keeping wats left of lungs clear

And ask GP about getting vibrating vest of NHS if you can or your lung doc


it is not so much the pacemaker it is the fact that they will take my sinus node away, I am then pacemaker dependent that is my dilemma! With my luck at the moment I only need one with a dud battery I have no back up :(

hard choice offcut,what ever u decide,real sorry ,can you not speak to ur consultant team and line up all ur queries on this,if we had a wand eh,bernicex

Hi again offcuts yep is defo not good but is lesser of two .. Your heart problem will be making your lung problem worse fluid build up ..

Can i ask have you been taking co-codamol for long periods for back pain.

Yes I am on co-codamol 500/30 I have 3 compression fractures in my back which have gone arthritic plus arthritis in my feet, knees, hip, shoulder and neck!

Hi offcuts yep just had i thought .. I know quite a few with various some in 20s some in 30 40's with spinal injurys myself included ..

And all are taking co-codamol and all have been told thay need peacemakers i have noticed my various doctors have asked if am a junky that did quite affend as am a tea tea total person only drugs i have had is off thoses clowns of GP's i have had misfortune of meeting.

But looking into my problems a can see why thay have been saying that as i think me taking co-codamol had contrubuted to my lung and heart problems.

Its funny how those who have been on them long term all have need for pacemakers

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To be fair my heart was diagnosed in 1992 my back went in 2008. I have had to date 3 Ablations and 9 Cardio versions they have now ran out of options that could make me worse or be fatal :(

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Wish i had the answers ... Must be doing somthing right tho.

My lung doc told me a only have one other option but he would not like to do it.

As to what that is he would not tell me .

Surpose a will find out soon enough

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Is the vibrating vest for the heart or lungs.?

Lungs. It moves the gunk off the lungs

Hello offcut can't really advise you on this, but keep us informed with your decision best of luck!

I have decided to go for it. My doctor does not seem as concerned about my breathing as my cardiologist? My cardiologist has said that with the tablets are now controlling my pulse etc. My breathing should not be as bad as it is?

My doctor is convinced it is my heart? But is putting me in a Spirometry Test with the nurse on Wednesday.

In case any one reads this now i have had the pace and abate cancelled as they are not happy with my lungs function?

My word, sorry I do not have any helpful advise, where to now I wonder , hopefully someone will come on with positive words

Update my pace and ablate has been cancelled as they are not happy with my lungs function. ?

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