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Does anyone with IPF have experience of trying systemic enzymes (serrapeptase etc) ?

After 18 months my oxygen levels have reached a whole new low (I'm on ambulatory 4lpm oxygen) spurring me on to try and find something helpful. Also I feel so tired etc with it that it's an effort to do anything, certainly not exercise. Any (not rude!) suggestions gratefully received. Thank you.

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Morning, My husband suffers with severe COPD - so I am not sure if this is a helpful reply!? He does use serrapeptase every day and I use it in summer for hay fever. It apparently has fantastic anti inflammatory properties and it certainly halts my dreadful hay fever. It certainly helps my husband - it seems to also loosen his cough. Having said that he still gets infections and I could not say that it has helped reduce them. On the other hand his symptoms are worse when he doesn't take them and it was definitely trial and error working out the strength etc. - the stronger ones seemed more helpful.

It must be awful to feel to tired - perhaps the BLF helpline could give you some more advise - click on the red balloon in the corner. Take care, Best wishes TAD x

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Many thanks for your reply Tad. Very interesting. Can I ask where you buy them and what strength? I read that it has to be a strong dose.


I have bought them from Bodykind but recently last 4 times have used a company called Seventh Wave who only have one strength (I think 90,000ui) but has been proved to be strong enough for my husband. Good Luck TAD xx


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