Hi all, just had my PIP consultation with having COPD, has anyone else been awarded PIP with COPD?

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  • Hello Kazz60 what was it like having the PIP assessment?

  • I was turned down for DLA several years ago. I have COPD and arthritis of the spine. My Dr said to try again after I had been awarded a blue badge. When the forms came, I contacted what was then Age Concern. An appointment was made, and a very nice lady just filled the form in asking me all the questions. A week later, I was notified that my Dr was being contacted, and a few days later, the full award was granted. I would go to what is now Age UK. Good luck!

  • Age uk did my forms but unlike u now having my case reviewed since May.

  • Hi Chellshock it was carried out at home and not at one of there centres lasting about 1 hr and 10 mins, it was general questions asking how far you can walk without stopping, etc, the woman who carried out the assessment was nice, they also check what medication your on, well ive got 4 different inhaylers, theres no harm in trying to see if I can get it, have you applied for pip ?

  • Ive applied and got my assessment next week. Im also on four inhalars and over 30 tablets a day. Its a job trying to remember all of them.

  • Hi Chellshock , ive read a few reports now on here some have been awarded pip and some not, just make sure you explain all to whoever comes out as I think they only write half the story :(

  • Btw, what tablets do you have? ive only got painkillers but that's for the break I had 3 yr ago have screws and plates in right leg, also asthmatic and very painfull hips I use an aid for

  • Hi Kazz60 what is PIP ? Trying t get E S A and it's not easy :)sue

  • Hi Sue, that is disgusting trying to get ESA, ive been on ESA since feb last yr then was given a top ut on top of it, pip is what came into effect to replace DLA, im not sure il get it , some peeps on here have and some not :( karen

  • Hi Karen , I have moderate c o p d , do u think I should go t citizens advise t help me fill in forms ? Still do not understand your abbreviations PIP ? DLA ? Good luck hope u get PIP lol :)sue

  • DLA, was disability living allowance for the past 20yrs, now from april this yr it has been replaced by pip (personal independent payment) its all changed, if you go to citizens advice they may not be able to fill the forms in on time as there full to the brim, if I was you id got soon :)

  • I am going t pop into advice drop in centre next Tuesday it's open 1pm till 5 pm . I have got t get form back by end of oct ...I just got message from other member t ring B L F ...thanks for yr help ..keep well :)sue

  • Where do you get the forms for pip

  • ring the helpline sue they will help

  • I will ring BLF Friday as I got apptmnt tomoz ...thanks for yr help ..keep well :)Sue

  • Hi, yes i was awarded it 9 years ago i also have arthritis in my wrists, a doctor came to the house, i did get help filling out the forms, so good luck.

  • Hi fontleroy, my pip forms were done yesterday by one of there nurses or doctors that come to the house, but I still don't think I will be awarded pip, as I can still get about with aid, but can wash, dress and feed myself, ive found out today the pain I also have in my hips is osteoarthritis left side being worse than the right side, I also have screws and plates in my right ankle after breaking both bones 3yr ago, im cronic with asthma, and mob copd, 225 reading and 69 on sim test, ive got quite a few things wrong with me, but I think it all depends on how they fill in the report and who deals with it at DWP,

  • Hi Kazz66, I think it all comes down to how the illness affects you and your daily life and to be honest how the hell is a stranger who doesnt live with you going to know so i suppose you just have to be totally honest and think about your worst days because we all tend to put on a brave face dont we.I wish you lots of luck.

  • That's true, they don't know you and can override your consultants so I found out, but to be honest, if I get pip I get it, if I don't im beyond caring

  • I suffer severe cold and emphemsemia and odterarthrities I cha GED from DLA high to standard pip they took my car off me do you think its worth going for appeal thanks any information be grateful

  • Hi, I have copd and I don't get any benefits, with the new changes my condition does not seem to be covered as disabled, as I can walk unaided and can dress myself and take my medication ok, the rules to the new pip has changed so much even my GP did not feel it would be worth going through all the stress of trying to get the benefit,as she felt it gains out stripped its benefits, so I have not bothered, I have 3 puffers and 4 lots of tables and regular antibiotics to take daily, im more worried about keeping well. I think many people have tried for the pip benefit & been turned down, I don't feel putting myself under that much stress is healthy as stress seems to cause my copd to be worse, and the other down side to this is I hate doing paper work, form filling in does my head in, they want to know the ins and outs of a cats arse.. its bol**x.

  • ha im mod copd,dont get anything in benefits,but im taking all on board,esa this pips dla ,im on 3 sprays but use 1,an 1 other when I need it,dont need ventolin yet,what stage you at sissyp,bernicexx

  • Hi, you may be able to walk ok, but, you must have shortness of breath so your not walking as far as normal are you? I have to keep stopping :(

  • I think it is important to try and get the financial help we need it isnt that we want something for luxuries its just for basic living. We may be able to wash and dress ourselves, but that isn't sufficent to suvive we need to be able to buy food clean the house, cook if the effort of doing that becomes too much in otherwords yes I can do it but then I get very tired and have infectins all time then that is not managing. If you are off work alot or are not well enough to go out or do the things we would like to do ( in moderation) then some sort of financial support would give the ability to buy what we need i.e help with cleaning the house, shopping for food. Just because we develop a long term condition it does not mean we should have to give up on our lives. If it is stressfull use an advocate( CAB, Age UK, ) someone who is experienced at form filling and knows the system.

    the more people who apply for benefits the more it highlights the problems that are being faced in the Community. Good luck with your application i am still waying up the consequences, give up some work hours, get a cleaner, apply for benefits.

  • Can anyone tell me what benefits would be available for me to claim I have emphysema, (copd) coeliac, and Barrett's oesophagus and now suffering depression I am off work sick can anybody help

  • Jackie, this will very much depend on your individual circumstances, what pay (if any) you get from work, how many NI payments you have made, what savings you have, etc. Your best bet is to try the CAB, or the BLF helpline, or Age Concern (depending on your age).

  • can you not get esa?

  • kazz60,why they have see you,with ur ills,not right that,bernicex

  • Because the pip doctors can override your consultants, and a consultant is higher than what they send to your house, they just have the final say.... karen

  • oh so thez pips are no 1,what decide if peeps can live a bit decent, no right that,peeps have enuff stress with illnesses,bernicexx

  • It says on my paperwork that...all health professionals are registered with a governing body like health and care professions council, and undergone special training approved by DWP there the ones that come to your house, now, the ones that decide if you will be eligible for pip are called.. drum roll lol....The Decision makers, they are acting on behalf of the secretary of state, it says they DO NOT have a back ground or training in health care, but, make the decision based on what the health professional writes and other information they can gather about you, and ive took that from the booklet ive got from them so it is a FACT..... karen

  • pen pushers.still not right,why if no training deciding who gets and who doesn't,silly really Karen,hope you pass ,and hope all others do,bernice

  • To be honest how would they know what level of pain im in if not in the medical profession and refuse me it, and if I get refused I may just appeal as that way then its out there hands, anyway Bernice my daughter is treating me out for dinner this evening as its my grandsons birthday, so, I need to go now and start getting ready, speak another day :) Karen x

  • exactly,go and enjoy,bernicex

  • Hi Jackie3936. Go to the website gov.uk and click on benefits link, it will tell you what benefits you can claim and gives phone number.

  • I'm 52 worked all my life no savings on half pay from work at the moment no pay December

  • If you have paid your NI contributions then you should be able to claim contribution based Employment Support Allowance (ESA). Check it out with someone who can give you financial advice. Good luck.

  • Hi all I applied for ESA and DLA I have been turned down for DLA I have asked them to look at it again.

    I have level 4 COPD lower back which I have spine blocks in day surgery I also have pins and needles in my hands I can not peal veg nor can I strain them the last time I did I ended up spilling the boiling water over myself so watch this space they told me they would look at it again but it would take 11 weeks I rest my case.

  • Anyone claiming PIP or any disability benefits needs to know this,All employees doing these assessments are instructed to discourage anyone from claiming these benefits,they will refuse your 1st attempt unless you have and advocate dealing with it in your name.

    The key here is to write the form out based on your worst day,when they refuse you must appeal,appeal and appeal again,do not ever give up as this is what they are aiming for,in a nutshell they just don't want you to claim,it's as simple as that.

    One thing to remember though is if as I you have worked all your life it is deemed that you have paid enough into the system and you'll be place on Contribution Based benefits.You will not be able to seek the advise of CAB or any other advocate to do the forms for you as you will not be elligable for legal aid,you will have to do as I did and fill the forms in yourself.You will not get help with housing,no help with free presciption,no free dental or optical services.They don't tell you this,you just have to find it out the hard way hence adding to your stress levels.It's sicken me that someone like a smackhead or a rapist can have everything handed to them on a plate and given a pat on the back when someone who has payed a vast amount into the system and worked all their life is entitled to no help at all.

    Goodluck people and please don't give in as it's what these scumbag politicians want.

  • Hi Wiskas in respond to what you wrote, the first time I claimed DLA before it changed in April a lady from Dial done my forms for me and id say she done them wrong as put things in it that I never said to her, so, I was turned down in January this yr for DLA, after waiting the 6month as you have to, i ordered the forms again in august, this time I have done the forms myself where I could write more in detail how things effect me as its not only copd I have, I have arthritis in my hips, cronic asthma, screws and plates in my right leg after breaking both bones, so, they dare not try tell me how much pain im in, if I get turned down I will appeal this time, (trust me) I try to lay off the pain killers as I don't like taking to many, somebody I spoke to yesterday had CAB do there forms for them, at the moment I get ESA with additional money added to it, free repeat scrips every month and dental treatment, also housing benefit, I was told by council it does not matter what benefit you receive i.e (esa or pip) you will get the same amount of housing benefit, but I do agree its what the politicians want, well they can whistle as im not going to suffer in silence for what they have done to this country, also the more I read on here about how other people suffer it maddens me more lol x keep well

  • Hi kazz,

    Sorry I forgot to mention I'm married and not single,if I was single and living in a house or flat then those other benefits you get would be given to me too.If your married the burden of paying for dental,optical,scripts and so on all gets pushed on your partner.

    I'm also Chronic Asthmatic as well as severe Emphysema,I'd just like to point out that Chronic in medical terms just means Longterm and does not explain the severity of your illness,a tribunal will look on the word used and frown at the applicant.

    Disability Benefits have changed dramatically and it is now deemed that any amount of pain is managable with medication and is not deemed as a longterm disability therefore points will sadly be deducted from your case.I truly wish you the best of luck with the tribunal hearing.If you have a Consultant that deals with your condition I would phone his secretary and ask him to put everything in writing so you can present it to the tribunal services.They do not take the advise given by your GP so no need to ask for his help.

  • Hi Wiskas, lets just see if I get turned down this time as there has been more illness's added since I last put the claim through, and to be honest im expecting not to get it, but I will appeal x

  • Just keep at it,never give in and you'll get there in the end :) xx

  • Hi is PIP the same as Attendance allowance as I am over 65 I have been told to try for it as over 65 you are to old for DLA. Don't know if I will get it but Revival spoke to me the other day and she is putting me in for it apparently they are supposed to ring me about it? Rose

    PS forgot to mention I have COPD and arthritis in the knees.

  • PIP is for people aged 16 - 64.

    You might qualify for Attendance Allowance . . . patient.co.uk/health/attend...

  • thank you for the reply worth a try. Lost my husband suddenly last year so not getting help as much now finding things really hard. Rose

  • Can't hurt to try, but it looks like you have to be in a pretty bad way to qualify for Attendance allowance . . . ageuk.org.uk/Documents/EN-G...

  • Hi Rose,

    PIP replaced DLA in April this year, I don't know if you have read all my comments on here but I to have arthritis in my hips and a few other things wrong :( x karen

  • Hi Karen no I haven't read all the comments but must be so painful for you. Going wait for the people who contact you about the Attendance money and try can only say yes or no cant they. Rose

  • Hi Rose, sorry to hear about your loss of your husband last yr, if you don't ask in this day and age about what you can claim you will never get , as nobody will say, try CAB and see if they can give you advice on anything else to claim xxx karen

  • PIP Points System explained here . . . benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso...

  • Hi Stilltruckin, thanks for sending the links for PIP, I have looked into it and also done the self assessment test, it has been very useful :) karen

  • thanks for the link , was very useful x

  • Am I right in thinking, pip isn't savings linked, or do we have to disclose personal bisness, I am over 65years

  • Hi all, well six months ago I put a claim in for PIP and im still waiting,, everytime I call them they keep saying its in the final stages, its been in the final stages from the beginning of December 2013, let me also tell you I have OA in both hips, and now a blue badge holder, what a night mare

  • Hi did anyone get there pip for moderate copd,i have asthma and moderate copd and suffer from sciatica and mild scoliosis and i just been refused!

  • I to was refused. Had phone call they give to explain why they have and after speaking to them have agreed to review my case. Also sent in letter of appeal. That was mid May, so have no idea what or when l will hear. Seems if they can't see it they don't believe it. Go for an appeal nothing to lose.

  • My experience was the same. Failed on appeal and gave up. Yet an employee of dwp that I know well is vastly overweight and no long term health issues other than weight, and has been given the lot with no reassessment for 5 years. It must be how you fill in the form and answer the questions

  • Hi hope this helps all waiting to be assessed, can't help but say first though that it's disgusting that we've even got to be assessed, a diagnoses is a diagnoses after all, I've had Copd for 8 years, also have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, asthma & hypothyroidism, waited anxiously for my assessment visit, which alone makes you feel ill, when it's money you've come to rely on to live, anyway it seemed to me to go awful, the lady that came, all but took the dogs temperature, blowing and puffing I was, questions after questions, then the wait for the decision, but I have been awarded it, I was on high rate Dla ( both components) and esa, all have remained but now in the name of pip, she only visited me at home as I'm on oxygen, anyone that does not get it please appeal your entitled to it, we've paid enough into the system over the years, I had visions of being sent to a job club with my oxygen in tow, GOOD LUCK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, ITS YOUR MONEY, ~Jill~ X 

  • Seems to me if your not on oxygen you automatically get turned down!

  • I am in process of an appeal over this grade 3 copd .. apparently on breathlessness scale im grade 3 .. but i was awarded low rate mobility.. but 1point short of daily care . Now on the scale it says grade 3 i can walk up to a mile or get breathless after 15 mins walking ..now the argument is how far can i walk in 15 mins ??? So doctors letter gone to court stating i can only walk 20/30 metres then have to stop to get breath back . ..

    I am asthmatc .. diabetic . High bp

    Anybody else had this trouble at an appeal??

  • From having DLA, when PIP came in I was only awarded LOW mobility component. On reassessment early this year, I was refused PIP. I asked for a mandatory reassessment but was again refused. am taking them to tribunal as they had not contacted any of the COPD specialist put down on the form. I have had quite a few hospital admissions because of COPD but they have said, on average, my mobility does not fit in with their criteria.

    So just be careful at the assessment, they seem to only see what they want to.

  • Hi just a quick ? I am 65 retired I have copd can I still claim pip even though I have a small pension

  • I claimed ESA and PIP without using any agency, or taking any notice of the negative people who say its a setup, its a con, its unfair, they are out to trick you, its a nightmare........etc etc etc..................................................You all know who you are and you do not help..... you make things worse..................Those poor worried people having to deal with it for the first time and all you can do is spout horror stories,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Shame on you. Try helping for a change.

    Anyway, I got both PIP and ESA results back within 2 weeks and got put into contributory support group for ESA and higher rate mobility and higher rate daily care for PIP.

    The assessors were kind, polite, attentive and patient in both cases so I have no complaints.

    I have COPD and hypertension. Hypertension is managed by medication but COPD is not managed as well by medication.

    Now, people are asking the question, " I have COPD, can I get PIP?"

    Not that simple, there is a scale of severity for COPD and if you are at 1 you can probably still walk run swim just fine.........Almost a healthy normal life......You will not get PIP with this alone...............PIP is all about how your condition affects you, not on what it is called.

    I am near the other end of the scale, so very compromised and restricted in what I can do, so I qualify.

    I wish I did not need any benefits at all and could play with my grandson and grandaughter, just go for a walk, wake up for once feeling good, eat well again.............just be normal....................But life is what it is.........

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