Good morning :)

Good morning how is everyone doing? Hope all have a good start for the day. I start to feel a bit better today. Have as normal at the time a fight with the worse enemy,- the Cold" home since the 25th of October not able to go working. Had last night the beat sleep for long time:D and see light again of my tunnel :)

So i wish everyone a good start ti catch NO cold!! Weather start to change here in my part of the country in Ayrshire. Is anyone close to my area? Would be nice :)

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  • Good Morning Coccobo, my good lady of 42 years was brought up in Ayrshire and thats where I met her. I now live in the valleys of South Wales and it is very dreary today mist, or low cloud as I call it and of course couldn't do without the rain. Of to hospital today to see the eye specialist Have a great day whatever you do Berwick

  • Hey morning:) that's nice to meet the love here, hope all goes well for you at the hospital. I have never been in Wales but would love to see the valleys there:D take care and enjoy the day is still to come :)

  • Lovely and sunny here this morning, but it was cold last night.

    I spent 5 years in Stewarton in Ayrshire about 40 years ago but born in Cardiff...its a small world.

  • Hi knitter nice to meet all of you, yes I know stewarton, friend of me live there, nice area. But Cardiff is nice too :D yeah I had sine sun spells here, not cold, jet but also cloudy, have a lovely day :)

  • Hi Coccobo glad you are feeling better, it is a sunny morning here in the West Midlands but a bit chilly. I am off to see the dietician later today. Have a good day everyone.

    polly xx

  • Is that your lovely dog? Cute picture ;) midlands.. Never been, but sound good. Hope you will archive your goals with a diet :) I have two cats and a big monkey,- my partner lol have a nice day :) :) :) lots of sun for everyone ;)

  • Morning, glad you're on the mend. Lovely and sunny here in S W London. Off to the Common again now - 1000 acres of greenery 20 minutes uphill walk away from home

  • Yes been for a walk on the beach I have in front of me 500 and the waves will go high to say hello lol:P will you mind to send some sun here, I will pay for the stamp ;) nice day for you ;)

  • Hope you got some sun on your beach Coco. I'm ashamed to admit I shall have to check on a ,map to see where Ayrshire is. Just know it's very far from me!

  • 40 year...long time, so where have you been away then? hope you feeling better soon, I lie on ny sofa here had breakfast, no bed time jet :) was happy to sleep thru the night just up ones. Will go later on a market, its in the council hall, have a good day and take it easy :)

  • Bright and sunny here in Yorkshire. Quite warm too. I used to visit a friend who lived in South Ayrshire, but that was quite a few years ago.

  • Hi toci, warm that's nice :) yeah now you can still enjoy the sun before she will go on holiday herself lol :D

    And no contact to your friend anymore? Enjoy your day :)

  • Yes, we are still in contact, but she no longer lives in that area.

  • Hello Coccobo it is glorious here at the moment,you sound like a special lady it would be great to meet for a coffee,sadly im many miles away in south east england.You are so right we need to enjoy this beautiful sun while we can,before it goes on holiday (i love the way you said that)Have a great day smile,be happy.Janexx

  • Hello longlungs:) yes a nice hot freshly made coffee would be lovely :) to sit down have a chat and some fun to move the lip for a smile;) so many nice people here, would like to have a chat, well you have a fast chopper I see;) gets you everywhere :) its bit windy here but still nice for a walk:) enjoy your day that's makes live special every day is a new day with more to come :) x

  • Coccobo - I have been reading your posts, so friendly and humourous. This is a great forum now. I hail from Royston, N. Herts. We dont travel much anymore, but there s so much to see in the UK. I have been to Germany, and remember Heidelberg in particular.

  • Oh you have been in my birthday place :) so nice to that you have been in Germany:) yes Heidelberg is a small but lovely city, old and beautiful houses. I go for Xmas to Berlin to my sis and bro :) looking forward to see my nieces and nef , I see them a lot on Skype...but to kuddle and kiss someone is always much better to have the real ons in front of you :) lol I hope I get not sick like last year, I couldn't go...but there surprised me lol

    My sis phoned me and as we talked she said she would like to give me a big hug and would give me my present in the next moment my partner went to the door......and I was still talking to...and then she stand in front of me....i still could crying so so happy to see her :) she got a ski suite to keep me warm here lol

  • That brought a little tear to my eyes


  • I know,- but believe me we both cried after nearly 2 years not seen, we talked all night and played monopoly :) it was a lovely time .

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