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It's been nearly 23 weeks since I had my last ciggy the problems I've got is am still using the inhalator I can use up to 6 cartridges a day but the most I've used a day is 3 a day Iam now down to about 2 a day the problems I have I am finding it very hard to cut it down any further at the moment as Ian going through counselling at the moment and will be be for the next 4 months and no that I will probably be on this,inhalator tell things start calming down but I feel so a fraud now should I be of these inhaltor am I swapping the ciggys for them I no one thing I won't ever go back to smoking again but I feel such a fraud still having these any advice please so fed up of feeling a failure

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  • Hello pamela67 it also happened to me, so I changed to the mist spray, got hooked lol however to get off all those things I started to use lozengers, gave me pains in my tummy, but secret is to keep them on inside of mouth on your cheeks, they were the only things I could cut down enough, it all takes time I know, just keep keeping on, you will get there I am sure of that.... please dont feel a failure its a very strong addiction to the drug, when I first started giving up I had no health problems, and it was very hard I did start with patches aswell, had sooo many things,...... its finding what works for you the best also you can get different strenghs in lozengers theres noooooo pressure, take your time, good luck Joan x PS: you are not a fraud x

  • Hi mahunamoon I spoke to my no smoking advisor and,she suggested to me that if iam slipping abit I can have something to work with the inhalator iam not struggling as such just feel that I still need the inhalator for a little while longer :( xxx

  • Hello again pamela67 its all ok my no smoking advisor had her for only 6 weeks, also suggested that I have lozengers when I was still craving whilst patches was on, thats why I said its what works best for each of us, we are so different, stay strong you are doing well. Joan x

  • Will do thankyou Joan xx

  • I gave up several years ago (the third attempt) but I used nicotine patches which lasts for three months large medium and small, you have done the best thing possible stopping smoking though keep it up.

  • Hi rick1 a few people have told me the patches are very good I am finding the inhalator is good to but it's just the length of time I've been useing it that's why I feel such a fraud because I believe I should be of the inhalators by now xx

  • HI try what i did instead of putting a catridge in i put a rolled up tissue in and that helped me stop it was something in my hand and i still got that pull with it

  • Hi Newland thankyou didn't think of that idea :) think Ian just panicking now as I've been using this inhalator for a while now wouldn't mind I don't even like the taste of it I will Defoe give that a go xxx

  • I went to the hospital no smoking clinic last year and was given Champix tablets. Within 2weeks on them I had stopped. That was 18 months this month and I have looked back. I had tried to stop a few times before and started again but not this time. First thing I bought with my ( fag ) savings was an iPad . If I can do it so can you. Good luck anyway. Xxx

  • Hi poppymichael17 I believe the champix are very good but unfortunely with the other medication Iam on I couldn't use champix what I am using is working well up to a point it's,just the length of time I've been on it but my smoking advisor is quiet happy for me to be on it for as long as,I feel strong enough to stop it and that's why I feel such a failure I no one thing I won't ever light up a ciggy again as for buying myself something with the ciggy money I've,got 4 adorable grandchildren let's just say they have been spoilt a little :) xxx

  • Hi Pamela, you not alone;) I just started to cut down n the nasty habit. Very hard sometimes I feel a failure myself....i have trying so many times, and I know i feel better to stop. Have next Wednesday my first group meeting i try it this way, hope it will work for me this time to use champax, have heard a lot about this pill.. So i will he thinking of you:) you have such a strong will, i don't. At this makes me feel like a loser, but i will get there , i hope.

    Take care:)

  • You are definitely not a failure, nor are you a fraud. You have given up cigarettes. I will say that again - YOU HAVE GIVEN UP CIGARETTES - and that is no mean feat. Congratulations. Now you have to wean yourself off the inhalator but you know you can do that as you have already shown what you can achieve. Don't give yourself a hard time. Take things as they come. Good luck.

  • Thankyou toci that's means alot and thankyou for having the confidence in me I will wean myself of the inhalator just abit annoyed,with myself,but I will not give up on giving up kind regards pam xx

  • Hi cocobo it is hard,to stop smoking you are not a failure you have,given it ago and your going to try again which is good as for the champix a few people that I no have given up on them so fingers crossed for you :) Ian going to get back uncontacted with my no smoking nurse on Monday to see if there's anything else she can suggest now as I don't want to keep relieing on the inhalator all the time take care pam xx

  • well done, I still use lozenges 7 years after I stopped if I get the need for a fag, but you have done so well in such a short time,


  • Hi richardcrossroads thankyou for your replie I no a few people that still use some sort of nicotine aid yrs after they have given up and I suppose it's better then going back to smoking which I would never do think I was having a bad day yesterday and panicking abut because I was still using a small amount of the inhalator oh well today is a different day so hopefully I won't be myself up xxx

  • Please dont beat yourself up! You have done so well,be proud of yourself!

    You say you are going to go through counselling,that will continue for the next 4 months,so obivously you have other issues to deal with,so not surprised you need that something extra,however how marvellous you havent turned to the fags.Good on you girl,do hope all works out for you,you deserve it,

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • Hi wendells thankyou for your comment what lovely things to say :) as for the counselling yes it's going to continue for another 4 months are so I sometimes and only sometimes wonder if I picked the right time to quit the ciggys with the counselling and other issue going on in my life but deep down I no I did the right thing big hugs pam xxx

  • Please don't feel a fraud. You do whatever you can. If you think it doesn't always work, don't put yourself down. After all this is very heroic of you.

    Can I add, to encourage you, that I suffer from a smoker's lung disease (Bronchiectasis) which, to all intent, was caused by me "smoking" passively my father's cigarettes and cigars. Every time you carry on, tell yourself that other people benefit greatly too. Have courage!

  • Hi helingmic that,is one of,the,reasons I gave up smoking me personally felt very guilty of smoking around my husband I also have grandchildren whom I never ever smoked around but I,still felt so guilty with the ciggy smell on my clothes and breath and keeping that in mind and other health reasons I never want to touch another ciggy again it's an horrible addictive thing to try and,stop and I would never look at another person any definetly if they still smoked xxx

  • Can I just correct you when you say that Bronchiectasis is a smoker's lung disease.

    Bronchiectasis is a progressive condition that gets worse over time in a pattern often referred to as a vicious circle.

    Your lungs are continually exposed to germs so your body has a number of sophisticated defence mechanism that are designed to keep the lungs sterile (germ free). However, occasionally these defences can be breached.

    Your immune system will attempt to stop the spread of any infection by sending infection-fighting white blood cells to the location of infection.

    These cells release chemicals that can cause surrounding tissue to become inflamed.

    In some cases, inflammation can destroy the elastic-like tissue and muscles that surround the bronchi, leading to the bronchi to becoming wider.

    This abnormal bronchi then becomes filled with an excess amount of mucus which can trigger persistent coughing and make the lung more vulnerable to infection. This in turn can result in further inflammation, and further widening of the bronchi, leading to more mucus gathering and so it continues. However, the levels of damage to the lungs can differ widely from case to case.

    In around half of all cases of bronchiectasis, no obvious cause can be found to explain what triggered the symptoms. Other triggers are described below.

    Childhood infections

    Around a third of cases of bronchiectasis currently found in adults are associated with a previous severe childhood lung infection, such as:

    •severe pneumonia

    •whooping cough

    •tuberculosis (TB)


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