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Movement or Dull pain type on left lower corner of RIB

Hello there, i have a type of pain under my left rib cage for years and if I lean over on the left side of the bed to reach something low, or if I`m bending that side to put my shoes on i feel relaxed. If I take some gastric medicine it goes for few hours but my body heats up. Best way I can describe that is as if a ball is being squashed under my ribs. Could you suggest what exactly is it. Can it be cured immediately with medicines...?

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morning Stack, not sure re meds however when I had that sort of pain one of mu gps thought I mak have cracked a rib when coughing, I hardly cough, however I do have osteoporosis, so I suppose thats the prob,

I also had same sensation when I got hiatus hernia, I would get it checked out, go to your docs, and also ring blf nurse at 9 am I am no expert at medicines, and everyone of us is so different, you have had it for years, please get app with yur doc, why suffer anymore and get stressed. Im sure other will also add there views aswell, Joanx

Good Morning - I would suggest that you ring the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon in the corner) for advise. And go back to your gp. Good Luck TAD x

I get that regularly, I thought it was the intercostal muscle pulling

oh never heard of this intercostal muscle pulling, thanks will go see mr google he is bound to know , Joan x

I get that regularly too. I have COPD Bronchiectasis, I mentioned it to my Respiratory Nurse but she didn't say anything. Sometimes it's really painful if I'm standing say, peeling potatoes or ironing I try moving every whichway but to no avail it's still there. It's reassuring in a way to know that other people have the same problems. What about weight gain particularly around the midrift, I liken it to the operatic singers who put on a lot of weight with all the deep breathing they do, I think we are the same in some ways. You'd think that having a permanent illness you'd loose weight but not me. Any comments from anyone. Have a good day and try not to get too wet today.


I have not stopped putting weight on for 3 years now, cant shift it phewww and yes from midrift and going further south tut, I gave up smoking 2 years ago, I knew I would put some on but I am now far to heavy for my height, hope you have a good day aswell, Joan

hi stack l had the same thing about a year ago it was like a crampy pain then it got sharp my doctor says it was cos of my bad cough and ld like coughed that much it was due to the coughing

Could it be pleurisy?

hi theres many causes for this i would think but mine is down to osteoporosis as bones are very weak and if it was plurisy u would get extreamly sharpe pain inbetween your shoulders hope this matyy help but advise u to go and assk doc they are proffential

sorry bout spelling never was my strong point lol

hi i was looking at this with interest, as i get ahorrible pain in the same place and when i forget my self and twist or pick up something and even turning over in bed so i was looking at all your answers with bated breath

Did you find out what it was?

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