Best Films ... with a twist.. different/special/ground breaking ... what films would YOU recommend or put in a time capsule for future gens

... pick those that others might not ... so we can look them up and see something new (e.g from Love film/Amazon etc) that we would not perhaps see ... links helpful for a taster ...

I would love to see your choices!!!!

My pick

Blade Runner:

...dystopia ...first 'modern' future film noir

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? mad American country

Blues Brothers ... best blues film ever

Hope you enjoy,...


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Espresso Bongo--Cliff Richard


not seen it King .... so describe ..... why do you pick it? , ....Sell it to me KOTC ....share the enthusiasm

I loved 6th sense

not seen it ...... whats it about?

6th Sense was great ...Holy Grail ace ...Casino was good :)sue

All Bourne films ..Avatar....The Quiet Man ...Blade Runner ...Devils Advocate ..Omen ..LA Confidential ...Skyfall ...gosh there are lots to choose from :)sue

so true , love the Bourne films, tho not seen the latest (got on DVD but not watched it yet ...but cant be right without matt damon ... is that right?)... but if you had to pick ... for example ... three films , they would be ?????

A Officer&Gentelman ....Dirty Dancing & Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction ... fab film... saw the other two as well, back in the day ... in my disco days ....

Yes , when you start thinking of films it's surprising how many you remember : sue

ha sue dirty dancing brill and ghost,bernice

Yes Ghost was good :sue

ha ye,makes you think why crap happens to good folk,bernice

sue song in that was brill,bernice

Silence of the lambs, clueless and Ted

Hi Chell

silence of the lambs .....fab horror /suspense .... the scenes around the lift and the cage .... eughhhhh and also fantastic ... I dont generally 'do' scary films (too easily scared)... but that one is a classic and a good film with absolutely classic actors ........... good pick!!


It is my old tkme favourtie and Mr A Hopkins is an amazing actor

ha no ugh,and chain saw massacre no,bernice

silence of the lambs brill ...Ted ? :)sue

Ted is about a teddy bear that came to life. It is funny

Very funny. x

Will ask around someone may have a copy for me to borrow :sue

Hitch hiker's Guide To the Galaxy.

Various Muppet Movies.

The General


I LOVED Limitless.

Dambusters must have seen a dozen times but i love it. Should be preserved in honour of those brave lads who gave so much.

My all time favourite would have to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show, closely followed by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then Avatar.

Rocky horror is brilllll , I have seen it in live theatre at crucible absolutely amazing :)sue

ha toci,avator brill,bernice

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid

Lawrence of arabia



Bugsy Malone and I usually hate musicals


Great Escape

Itailan Job 1

Kingdom of Heaven

Blue Velvet

All good films ....:)sue

To watch again...Skyfall..pulp fiction & a gentleman ...dirty dancing ..OH so many ...what about films you hate ?:sue

Lots of the above. Favourites include They Shoot Horses Dont They? and Fargo, Vertigo, Ratcatcher, The Sting, Victim (Dirk Bogarde)

But last night we watched Ken Loach's Spirit of '45 with friends. It almost made us weep for the loss of all those wonderful developments following WW2 - NHS, council housing etc. So moving see old people interviewed expressing their wonder that they could get free healthcare after all the struggles for survival they had been used to. A timely reminder with NHS privatision threatening and the bedroom tax hitting many.

The Usual Suspects. Great film and a good twist.

Lynne xx

Recommended for time capsule and future generations....

I would put David Attenborough's entire life filming

and also Jacques Cousteau entire film collection

Then perhaps an entire catalogue of the great music composers, a compilation of historical and present, to include all cultures.

I was once fortunate to attend one of David Fanshawe's live concerts, it was an incredible experience and included recordings and live compilations of music from around the world. I cannot begin to describe such an experience, there just are no words. No recording seems to have reached into me as did the live experience. For those that don't know of David Fanshawe here is his website:

Its great to remember the great things in life and the great things and people this planet has to offer.

We have got a compilation of David Attenborough's The Life Collection ...Frozen Planet ...Yellowstone. Ect ....Wowzeeeeeeeerrrrrr :)sue

American hot wax. A great true film about the birth of rock and roll. Larry

Very good :) sue

Just to confuse people opening the time capsule, I would include Mister ED and also Doctor Doolittle. I wonder what future generations would think on finding all those talking animals. All the best, Larry

A horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse of course ..there is of course the famous horse ,talk to mister ed .go right to the horse and ask the horse he'll give you the the answer that you endorse ,there always is a steady course, talk to mr ed .... or something like that lol : sue

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