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I was a bit gooey in the chest but bought up?

I was a bit gooey in my chest and gurgling a bit. Breathing has been poor for over a week. I bought up what can only be described as clear slime and a fair bit of it. My bronchial tube and throat have felt very dry and sore now for the last 3 days? I have never had this before any ideas? I am not gurgling but breathing still rubbish.

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I have had a look through your posts, offcut, and it seems a good idea to go back to the surgery and and ask for advice. I am no expert but you need help, a change of meds, a referral, whatever is necessary. But hoping that someone will be along to offer more detailed advice than I can give you. All the best from Annieseed x

It sounds like you have a bit of inflammation, so an appointment with the gp is needed I think, just ring and say you have a problem with your breathing.

Best of luck and let us know what they say

I think you need to see a doctor or respiratory nurse and just make sure you don't have an infection bubbling along. Hoping you feel much better soon. TAD xx

Thanks for the kind words. My problem at the doctors seems to be when they do the peak flow at the doctors after I have sat down for 10 minutes or more and rested I am blowing 300 now on a good day, I used to do 650 and they seem to think that is okay. Unless my phlegm is dark they do not see it as a problem. I am having real problems when flat now, this morning my wife mentioned that a few times though the night I made a noise and was gasping for breath? I was not aware of it this time but never wake refreshed and have not since 2008. It feels like they have decided that I have to accept what I have.

My cardiologist is the only one that seems to have any concerns and even put me forward for a test for Anderson Farby Disease because my multitude of conditions matched up. He also was the person that sent me a letter of my conditions that was used in my ESA appeal and won.

Hi offcut, my peak flow seems to go up in the surgery too...its now about 330 and used to be 450...very annoying.

Can your wife go with you to the gp and tell him/her what your breathing is like at night.

Do you see a respiratory consultant?

Best of luck

The last time I have seen a respiratory consultant was about 18 months (2010) after my respiratory failure in June 2008. The consultants closing words were "The good news is I am discharging you but the bad news is I expect to see again as this is not going to improve. You are a very lucky man to have survived" ( They had told my wife twice I was not going to survive the night)

I did go to PR and it helped a bit but they concluded that over exertion and inclines drained me of oxygen causing sudden pains in my calf's and chest.

Hi offcuts glad you got it up defo is a pain ... Might be with just coughing alot.

But when i have voughed up my gunk with them fibers init as made my tubes sore ..

Its probably all coughing but at least you brought it up

Cheers all the best :)

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