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Struggling to breathe

Over the last ten days I have become more and more breathless. I do not appear to have an infection as sputum is clear. I am on symbicort 400/12 and Ventolin. During the summer despite having an awful lot of stress, I was coping and not dreadfully breathless. I do not like to pester my COPD nurse as I obviously do not have an infection. My inhalers at the moment are utterly useless. Any ideas!!!

Viv xxx

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Pester them that's what they're there for. When I have an infection I have high temperature, I'm sick and have stabbing pains, I don't have the different coloured sputum, so you might have an infection.

I hope you haven't though, best of luck.

Kim xxxx


I agree pester them. You need to get it sorted.

Good luck



Keep asking until you get a satisfactory answer Viv


Your daily humour tonic


I have found that the sputum doesn't necessarily be coloured, to be infected, chest infections. They can creep up in several forms of symptoms.


Hi, I would advise you to be on the phone as soon as you can so that your respiratory nurse or your gp can see you and give you advice. Especially if you are taking more Ventolin than usual...let them know how many puffs you are needing a day.

I don't care about making a fuss used to worry me that I was wasting their time..but not now.

Good luck and I hope you have a peaceful night.

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Hi Viv I've had a chest infection without any sputum discoloured or otherwise. As suggested I would get checked. Signs of an infection is any worsening of symptoms, breathing more difficult, feeling unwell, slower walking etc etc. and as your medications are not doing anything for you at the moment, these are all good indications that something is not right.

Take good care, hoping you can get an appointment to get checked, sooner rather than later.

Hope you are soon breathing easier.

Best wishes BC


Hi Quintus you must pick that phone up like everybody has said they really wont mind,you are obviously concerned eh? go on go on.just take things very easy until you have seen somebody,please.Janexx


I have only been using symbicort for a few days . Its half your dose but I do feel breathless. I havn't used my ventolin as I wasn't told if I could continue with both.I don't feel unwell though. The weather is so changeable at the moment that its possibly the cause of the breathlessness. It was very damp last night. I agree with Kimmy59 , I doubt that the nurses will mind. Holly x


I feel deeply that people should never worry about going to their surgery. A problem nipped in the bud is easier than hoping that a illness will go away. Consulting the internet is OK but only second to seeing a professional. Sorry about the nag but I have had experience.


Good advice above. good luck. :-) :-) Alison


Ye I agree with the others make that call to you respy nurse. I've been feeling SOB myself today I do think it's the weather so I'm happy to wait a day or so but if it continues I'll be giving my gp a call.


All good advice above. Get yourself checked asap

Best wishes



Hi Viv, PLEASE go to see your nurse/doctor. It could be something simple like a change in inhalers that would help. My husband is always worse when the seasons change so was not good last week but has found it easier this week as it is a bit warmer. Hope you start to feel better soon. TAD xx (PS don't forget you could always ring the BLF helpline)


I have made an appointment to see the nurse tomorrow morning. I will let you know the outcome. Thank you for all your helpful comments.



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