Zoloft and Ativan

I have Stage 4 Emphysema and now have anxiety/depression issues. What has been your experience with either Zoloft and/or Ativan. I have been on both for just over two weeks and have yet to see a meaningful result from Zoloft, appart from feeling sleepy most of the time. As for Ativan, I take 1 mg on waking to help calm my anxiety. Hope others are having a better experience. Stay well Martin

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  • i cannot help you, martin about the medication, but advise you to get help with the depression. You need to tell your fears to the doctor, or ring Helen(?) who can talk to you about your issues. Click on the red balloon on the top right hand corner. All the very best from

    annieseed x

  • That sounds a bit miserable Martin. Perhaps you could ring the BLF helpline and they might be able to advise about the meds. and if other treatments/options are available. Take care, TAD xx

  • Thought this rang a bell hun


    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Love cx

  • Hi Martin...so sorry to know that you're struggling with anxiety and depression and although I feel unable to help very much just wanted you to know my thoughts go out to you and you are not alone.

    I get really bad feelings at times, some depression but the anxiety is worse. Respiratory consultant prescribed Lorazepam to dissolve under tongue, as and when. If it wasn't so addictive (so I'm told) I'd probably take it more regularly but so far I trying to hold back from taking it too often. Let us know how you go on.

    ..Regards ~ Lovelight

  • Sorry Martin, I know nothing about your drugs. Hope you get sorted soon so you start to feel better. Ringing the bLF nurses is a good starting point. Good luck :-) :-) Alison

  • hi Martin for my anxiety and panic attacks the doc has given me citalopram they are working for me.iwas waking up wanting the loo feeling breathless thinking oh god ihavnt got the air to get there ofcourse once id allowed my brain to say that it was all over major panic attack would follow might not get to the loo in time ,really horrid this could happen 3 4 5 6 times a day.When i told my smokey nurse id been put on them she exclaimed how good they were her daughter really suffered badley.oh i thought thats good then took her positivity with me and told myself it was gonna work for me and it has.Dont get me wrong there are moments and i have to talk to my grey matter in no uncertain terms and tell myself to behave the tablets are working dont think on it Jane your alright get up slowly and go do what you gotta do.If you think your meds arnt working for you as others have already said give blf a call ,or go back to gp martin there are always more options out there for you.goodluck Janexx

  • Just thought praps that was too much info idont even know you .so sorry MartinJanexx

  • Hi Martin.

    I know first hand how debilitating the anxiety and depression are having suffered terribly with it all year. I tried 4 diferrent types of tablets before one finally got it under control, thank goodness. I'm now Duloxatine 30mg and it has calmed the terrible morning anxiety attacks massively.

    With these types of medication's it's trial and error because we all react differently to them. all I can say is don't give it more than 3 weeks to see if it's working. Keep getting a different one until they find the one that works.

    If you start to feel slightly better on one, but not as good as you feel you should do, you can then get the dosage increased.

    My anxiety attacks were so severe, that when the Dr told me 'It will get better' I didn't believe him. But, when they found the right tablet, it did. Take care.


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