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I was forgetting that this is the Britsh LUNG Foundation which I expect covers all things lung related. I wrote a post on the anti-coagulation site in the hope that I would have some answers but it seems that the site is not visited very often. So I thought that I would ask my friends.

In the last four years I have lost count of the number of DVTs and PEs I have had. I have had three hospital admissions (the last one, in August, for three weeks) and I don't want another one. The 'run up' to the hospital admissions is most distressing - I can cope with the aches and pains but not the feeling of being unable to breathe.

I was originally prescribed Warfarin, and was on it for quite some time. My last hospital admission showed that the Warfarin had not been working and I was prescribed Dalteparin which I inject daily.

It was suggested, by the doctors, that I have a valve implanted in my vena cava (I think) but that's on hold for the moment.

If anyone has any tips on how to avoid DVTs and ultimately PEs I would be very grateful. I know the bit about exercise.



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Hi Annec, After a long and record breaking stay in ICU I collected a few DVTs and had an emergency ride in my bed to a nearby operating theatre where I had a filter/valve fitted into my vena cava to catch the clots that were getting to my lungs. Apparently I had passed out 5 times but I only remembered the one when I awoke to see lots of worried face's staring at me, the matron pointed at me and said 'you felt that didn't you' and I said 'yes what happened?'. The next thing I had a very fast ride in my bed to the theatre where a lady surgeon fitted the filter down through my neck under local anesthetic. Its pretty exiting on ICU but I not in a hurry to get back there. :)

Anyway its 3 years on now and the filter is still there, I'm on life long Warfarin to disolve any clots that get caught up in it and I guess the fact that I'm still here shows that it works.

Tony xx


Hi its a tough one ... Esp if prone to DVT am not on the know really but am wishing you well

Did read about those vibrating feet plates .. Like water ones but with out the water

I assume you already no about them so i would check your meds you are taking as some can cause them

All the best :)


Hi Annec,

So sorry you keep having this problem. You may well have already read the following but I will post in case the information is of help to you.

I was reading NHS Choices page:

there are a further three links from that page;

1) DVT Symptoms - see para headed (Warning Signs)

2) DVT prevention - see para headed (Avoiding DVT)

3) Assessing the Risk - see para headed (Venous Thromboembolism - Reducing the Risk)

The obvious one would be don't sit for long periods, don't cross legs, you may have already been advised about compression hose, if not, ask your doc about wearing compression hose, they can help improve circulation and help prevent DVT. You may be able to get away with Class I compression, they are much easier to wear and you can get some that look like usual stockings or tights.

The BLF helpline may also be able to advise you Annec.

Take good care and hopefully you will be able to avoid further DVT's and PE's.

Best wishes BC xox


Hi annec, so sorry you are so prone to dvt and pe. I don't know what would help other than the obvious. BlakeyC above might be helpful. BLF nurses might also be able to offer some useful thoughts. I wish the best and hope you find a way to beat the problems. :-) :-) :-) Alison


I hope you can overcome your problem Annec


Your daily tonic


thinking of you Annec x x


Hello BC

Thank you for thinking about me. You are so kind.

I am absolutely bloody fed up at the moment and am finding it difficult to cope. I managed to instigate a massive row with my husband yesterday (my fault).

This evening I 'm having some 'comfort food' - roast lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and some veg.

I'm off to the Eden Project on Friday (my first time) courtesy of my husband (I don't feel that I deserve it after yesterday's row).

If it weren't for people like you I think I would wrap it in.

Thank you again BC - it cheered me up to find that you were thinking about me.

Lots of love and hugs



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Hi Annec, that is some mighty good comfort food, and has got my taste buds going, I think a nice drop of red to help that dinner down and don't be beating yourself up so much. You know your hubby loves you to bitz and understands.

I hope you are recovering steadily and your son and sister are doing ok.

The Eden Project is great, I was there several years back, just before I was diagnosed, I did find the hot house a bit much and the amazon jungle eco climate (humidity affected my lungs even then) I believe it has changed considerably since I was there. You will enjoy it I'm sure.

Keep on having that kind of comfort food and lots of enjoyable outings. :) Wish I was joining you for dinner mmmmm, delicious :P

Love n Hugs Bc xox


Yes Annec, Have A lovely day at the eden project, just the buck up you need, I have not been, but hoping you will let us know how you get on. Enjoy, love Heather.x


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