Thanks so much for the info about anaethesia ..... apparently now not yet ....have to have cortisone injections in my hips first! :(

Thanks for all the supportive information.... wonderful people ...fab site. I had a second appointment to see my GP (earlier was with registrar) . My GP says no op until all other avenues explored, so cortisone injections on Saturday .... don't like the sound of these (my GP is a bit brutal to be honest, and he's giving me the jabs. I think stiff upper lip will be required.) ... I hope it works, had a shocking night of very little sleep last night, v painful hips; by midnight ... dry/irritated coughing and getting breathless (not something I get a lot at night ..lucky I know) ...I think due to stress

Fingers crossed !!

Beth ..... love you all xx

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  • hello ive had thez jabs at the hospital in my shoulder and elbows.dont hurt,bernice

  • thanks bernice .... v good to hear .... not keen on needles!!

  • hello no I don't like needles but they are painfree as chrissie53 said ,bernice

  • I have had 2 cortisone injections so far this year,then another injection in my hip for rhumatoid,,never felt a thing,,needles have come a long way now so fine they are painless,,so go in smiling,,the relief of pain will be worth it,,

  • starting to feel much more cheerful, thanks chrissie .... had got a bit anxious about the needles


  • So sorry you are in pain Beth, take the bit between your teeth only after a shot of brandy or two ;) Good luck for Saturday.

    Till then take deep breaths and watch lots of funnies.

    Bc x

  • The brandy seems a v good plan, tho since my appointment is for 9.36 a.m. on Saturday (yes that's 9.thirty SIX!!!! .... what on earth's that about ... told by GP and written on appointment card .... bonkers!!) ..... brandy breath at that time might lead to liver function tests I suspect!!

    Maybe brandy after :)

    Thanks for reply

    Beth xx

  • It's the thought of the needle. but you won't even know you've been pricked Beth


  • cheers KOTC hope not

  • I had a cortizone injection in my shoulder. Some pain for a couple of days. Then it all calmed down. You'll be great. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

  • thanks appyalison,

    Lots of positive vibes. I will try to be positive and not a complete whimp


    Beth xx

  • I have injections in my lower back they are called spine blocks we should have them every 3 months although mine only last 8 weeks, my last one was April I would give my right arm for one now. I haven't been able to exercise for months and this is making my COPD worse but our hospital trust is in such a mess can't see me getting one till November.

  • I had a spine block years ago .... I think I had a local anesthetic first .... perhaps they do that with injections into joints .... hope so!

    Sorry to hear you are in such pain, its wears you down doesn't it, and I'm sure you are much worse than me needing such injections ... what does your GP say?

    Take care Onamission, hope you get sorted soon ....make a fuss!!

  • It is done on day surgery now you are awake all the time they use a live x-ray. Yes the pain does get you down I try to swim 3 times a week i'm level 4 COPD now but its imposable without the spin block.

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