MEMORIES through the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's.

Don't be shy.....nick names......yours, school mates, friends, pets, parents


What was your nickname?

Did you like your nickname?

What did you call other school mates?

Favourite nickname for your pet?

The list is endless......................

OH My nicknames were :-

COCO..........always clowning around my teenage years I always wore bright colours(fluorescent)



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  • My youngest brother had nicknames for everyone, dad was 'skips', mum was 'oober', brother John was 'Luke', I was 'jaxie', the dog (Bobby) was 'caps' .... neither rhyme nor reason to it, he called himself 'hamster, or fish' ....

    weird ... oddly enough now a fairly normal adult!

    Bethx .... kotc ....and your nicknames were?

  • Have now put them in above, COCO and FLASH postscript

  • Hi king, in the 70's I shared a house with two men. It was mostly good fun. I worked in London at the time and so commuted daily from Knebworth. The two lads worked more locally so they were at home more than me. However, I had to clean the oven before using it and was the only user of cleaning materials and the Hoover. Every bath I had involved cleaning bathroom before relaxing in the water and wiping everything do afterwards to encourage them to keep it clean. I once found a rugby kit languishing in a smelly pile. I duly scrubbed and scrubbed until the shorts became dazzling white. I even ironed said kit and put it in the kit bag together with beautifully scrubbed boots. After the next match the lad was furious. He said he had never been so embarrassed. His team and the opposition whistled and catcalled him AND he said none of them had seen how pristine his jock strap was!! I was a heap of laughter but never saw his dumped rugby kit again! The other house mate had spent a lot of his childhood in Hong Kong. My nickname Coolie. :-) :-) Alison

  • Cleanliness is next to!!!!!!!!!!!Alison

  • Your post had me giggling away this morning Alison. Thanks! M.

  • I still titter to myself when i remember the look on his face as he was trying to get me to take his embarrassment seriously! Glad you enjoyed it. :-) :-) Alison

  • One of my sons would not clean his shoes so I got one shoe and blacked and polished to a high shine and the left the other as it was. He was not a good early riser and was always in a rush to get to school as near to start as he could. It was not until he got to the front door he noticed :) He cleaned his shoes next time I asked ;)

  • Hi Kotc why i dont know but all my children when young were all called "monkey chissells" when being pickles,the same now with my grandchildren,and now for something different i do hope i dont offend,? deffa webba massa chussa hunna heena is the name i gave to the clingons when going to the loo! strange but true.

  • Strange but true Eh? longlungs

  • Gods honest.My son just told me off for sharing this little known fact.:(

  • I see trouble brewing longlungs

  • I used to live on a houseboat 'Chelsea Yacht and Boat Co' Cheyne Walk many moons ago and my local was 'The Water Rat' and an elderly artist who used to frequent there and his friends used to call me 'Undine' (or an undine I suppose now I know it means a water nymph) anyway the nickname stuck and obviously as you see I like it ...xx

  • My knowledge grows every day water nymph, sorry I mean undine

  • I think I must be pretty boring as I didn't really have any nicknames. But I am enjoying reading everyone elses and I'm getting educated too as I didn't know what an undine was either! M.

  • I didn't know what a Nymph was He He Mocary

  • My maiden name was Miller and everyone called me Flower (flour).

  • I bet you were a lovely little petal Toci

  • Known as 'Jumbo' from early school days, hated it at first but it stuck and is still with me today.

  • Fortunately mine didn't follow me dukes

  • I was 'Polly' a play on my surname. so when I watched Pollyanna as a teenager, I started calling myself Pollyanna ... related to her positive attitude and wanted to be more like her ... seems to have worked in life :) life follows art eh !

  • I loved Pollyanna juliekkay

  • When I was young my parents cut my hair badly and I lost my 2 front teeth. My older sister said I looked like Newman from the MAD magazine! Only problem was some of my friends were there and it has stuck to this day. 50 years!

  • Have you got used to it now Offcut?

  • less hair and have most of my teeth still ;)

  • my name is sandra,my brothers mates always called me sundance and still do even though I'm an old gal now.x

  • Sundance is rather nice fishtail

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