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I wake up with red hands feet knees and elbows?

When I was in ICU for 32 days fighting a very nasty Lung infection. Doctors walking by used to comment on my red palms and various joints. Does any one else have this?

my palms can go red at no particular times except in the morning my finger joints and knuckles are red with my knees elbows and feet as well. They all ache and sometimes get pins and needles.

I have heart, Lung and arthritis problems

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Hi Offcut

I think red palms can be either allergic response or can also indicate liver or thyroid problems. I would ask GP for a blood test to check those out ..... my father had red palms and had impaired liver function.

Hope you are OK however and just allergic to soap or something .... best to check tho'

Beth xx


Sorry, also forgot, red joints can be a symptom of gout .....



I do get Gout in my foot. But found fried mushrooms were a big trigger! I do not have fried mushrooms now :( and that seems to have improved greatly :)


Had palms that turn red all my adult life. Total strangers make comments. Was told the medical name but can't remember. Was also told what I have is harmless and one of those things. Don't have feet, knees and elbows tho. (Well at least not red ones)


I have had red palms also sole of feet, I also have bottom half of my toes are bright red sometimes purple.on showing this to my doctor he he pressed my toe blood rushed back immediately so is not circulation theredness is advancing slowly.he gave me a cream to put on 3 times a day which done nothing.i have had this for twenty cant be anything serious.blood test shows no problem with liver if you are worried ask the docter to do ablood test on your liver function


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