Update on my lung reduction situation

Hi everyone, I went to see my consultant again last Wednesday, I had made up my mind that I would go ahead with the operation which was not an easy decision to come too. My consultant said that he was not prepared to do this kind of operation in the winter months because I would be more prone to getting infections and he said that I would have a better chance of a quicker recovery in the summer months, so we have put it off until next year maybe in spring when the weather is a little warmer i go back to see him in April. And hope in the meantime I have a better winter than I did last year much love to all you people out there who are so supportive x

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  • Hi Meike, I think you are doing the right thing. Any chance of a better quality of life has got to be worth doing. I am on the list for a double lung transplant, It was a big decision too but a risk I have to take. This illness does not get better so you have to take whatever is on offer. I am patiently waiting now. Good luck to you. xxSusie

  • Thank you susie,And good luck to u too Please keep me posted on your progress. Patricia xx

  • Well that's a shame when you have mentally accustomed yourself to an op - but the advise sounds good so many infections in winter. Hope you have an easy winter. Lots of love TAD x

  • Hi meike, wow! What a difficult decision you have had to ponder. I am glad you are comfortable with your decision and wish you the very best for next year. Also I hope you have a good breathing winter. :-) :-) Alisin

  • Hi Meike, I know that must have been a very difficult decision to make and it sounds like your doc has your very good health thought out carefully to advise the op for next spring summer.

    I am wishing for you good health throughout the coming winter months, allowing you ample time to build up the immune system in readiness for a successful op next year.

    All good wishes now and always BC x

  • I love you all you are all so supportive xx

  • We are all gunning for you Meike. Keep smiling


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  • hope you keep well this winter and then ready for this help next year ... best wishes. keep us posted . x

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