The Day I Got Caught With Drugs, Mattcass

Me and Fran last year use to go to the football home games in Glasgow and we would normally see who was on duty with sniffer dogs are they are known as, we were standing in a Q when one of the dogs spotted me along with the handler I try and not be to familiar when they are working when the dog started barking and sat down at my feet and when I tried to move up the Q it was still barking which indicated to the handler I was carry drugs or other substances, then I remembered I had 2 Dihydrocodeine in my pocket that I had forgotten to take out John the handler had no option but to go through the procedure and ask me to stand away from the Q Fran was in stitches my face was so red everyone was looking at us If there was a hole big enough I was in it. Everyone saw the funny side but me and the dog.Matt

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  • Loved it,bet Fran didint let you live that down!! xx

  • Your right Wendells every time we see a sniffer dog she gives me a quick glance with a wee smile. Matt

  • Matt very embarrassing for you, but aren't those dogs clever ! I used to watch them working around the City of London when I used to commute up town. Fascinating especially the little spaniels. Adrian

  • your right Adrian, they are special the spaniels are my favourites I was brought up with Alsatians. Matt

  • I always have co codamol 30/500 in my pockets and when I have been on my hols take my 14 scripts with us in our hand luggage. And never been stopped.

  • That has made me chuckle! X x

  • Thank You, have I made your day, Matt

  • That was an experience, I can imagine the looks and stares you must have got.

  • Needless to say we always went a bit later, nobody would believe it was a mistake, Matt

  • Some people believe in the saying "No smoke with out fire"

  • Hi nanaber, that hurt,matt

  • Aww so sorry mattcass it was supposed to be funny no intention to hurt.

  • What an arresting sight Matt!!!!!


  • Hi KOTC I was going to say a fair cop, be he had black hair.Matt

  • Great one MC, That reminded me of when I went to watch Crewe v Hereford 2 years ago. Crewe were sponsored by Air Products at the time who are my oxygen supplier. The steward gave my oxygen back pack a real good looking over while queuing to get in, I think he thought it was a bomb or something. There was signs and posters everywhere with Air Products on them. Of all places I thought they would have known what the cylinder on my back was. :)

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