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I am going to leave because I just can't spare the time to sort this new site out, if you knew how long it took me to log in today I could have watched an hours long tv programme. It is difficult to navigate, every time you leave the site it logs you out even though you have ticked the 'keep me signed in' box. I received one email, even though there were lots of posts, when I clicked on the email I had received it didn't even take me to that particular message, I had to search for it. Totally fed up with it.

Goodbye everyone, you are a fantastic lot.

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I have managed it after a lot of perseverance and now find the going quite easy

Please try some more ,we all need you in the family sweetthing




I would try to check out your router or internet provider

No one else has had connection problems here as far as I am aware for a while now. It would be a pity to leave if the problem was in having a dodgy router at home ... I know ...have had one. Made everything a nightmare



Beth I have had connection problems today and only got on through my emails. There are still connective problems and slow reaction when posting.


I had problems, sweetthing, but I am now used to coming and going. Understand you have a lot to think about your life, with your husband so perhaps you dont need extra hassle, but keep persevering. Good luck, Annie xx


Oh dear sweething,you do sound fed up! I think the site has been somewhat slow,in the last 24 hours.Maybe ignore it,for a day or so,till it gets back to normal.

Don't go,we would all miss you,

Love Wendells xxx


Sweetthing, why not try contacting healthunlocked and talking to them about the problems you are having? They are the ones who can fix or advise. Better than leaving. :(


I hope you stay Sweetthing. Shame to leave because of software problems.


I think there was a problem this morning sweetthing but it seems ok now. If you have an email, not the general noticication, but a reply you can keep it on your emails and get in that way - much easier.



That's what I do cofdrop. The site is painfully slow though. I am patient because I like the people. :-) Alison


Those are very harsh comments DD. Healthunlocked have worked very hard to make this new site work and to make it the place to come to share worries and concerns and receive support from others who understand.

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Don't go Sweetthing - I always look out for your posts, and I'm sure you'll get used to the site . It was very slow for some time this morning, but seems to be OK again now. Take care



Best take a break Sweetthing and come back when its all sorted. Its improving all the time but it seems different for each and everyone of us. Another month and I'm sure all will be well. :)

See you soon.



Hi sweething, I was just writing to say that I thought yesterdays problem with this site was just a "blip" when my laptop crashed and I had to start again!...and sign in again.

Please don't go I think the help and companionship that this site offers is worth the hassle.


I did have problems sweetthing but now it seems to be sorted. Please stay as it is always good to hear from you. How are things going? How is your husband at the moment? Don't go as we all need each other. Take care. xxxxxxxx


Hi Sweething, although there may be occassional problems with the BLF upgrade there can be many other reasons why you and others have problems logging into

the site. I am having local problem in London but these are due to network problems

with my Internet Service Provider (ISP) , TalkTalk. To most users these are indistinguishable from "on site" problems.

I worked in telecommunications for 22 years and spent much of my time explaining

"what went wrong" to some very big clients. I do though appreciate your frustration.

Give it a while and the teething problems should settle down. Best Regards Adrian


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