Weepy days

Some days the littlest thing starts me off, this is not part of my depression because even good things can choke me up, although maybe it is. I have a young friend who has CF and she is in and out of hospital like no-ones business and this morning she sent me a funny to cheer me up instead of which I burst into tears. I feel so guilty when I moan about my problems because I know some of it is self inflicted.

I have probably said all this before this again is something that is getting me down the small memory slips I am having lately maybe I have had the TIA's that the doc says I have had. Oh bugger it I must shake myself and try and find a funny - can't post the one my friend sent it is too rude :D

Sorry for the feeling sorry for myself but I have no-one else to feel sorry for me oh my goodness I am such a drama queen :P


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  • You are not the only one with memory slips Jan. Someone asked me the other day about my top two films. I couldn't remember either of them. An hour later they were back. In a bar the other night a young blonde asked If I was married and I said no. Terrible thing memory loss. Cheer up sweetheart.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • (((HUGS))) xx

  • So sorry you have been feeling low Janet and so sorry your friend is in hospital again too.

    You know Janet, sometimes its better to face up to the tearfulness, try to understand the cause and try to heal it. Sometimes pretending all is ok and covering up with funnies is not the answer to resolving the real problem. Perhaps if you had a heart to heart chat with your doctor about your tearfulness and short term memory loss something can be done to help you. Sometimes we do need to ask for help, I am sure your doctor will be willing to help you.

    Take good care

    Sending feeling better wishes.


  • Jandan, I think you have done well to come on here and talk to us. Please dont feel guilty about moaning (its not). You are telling us how you feel, unloading and maybe this will help. There are a lot of self help books on Amazon which may help. I am thinking about meditation thoughts. Dont how to explain what I mean (certainly not religious) but peaceful thoughts. Have a look around Amazon.

    I can get very down and depressed at times, but manage to think my way out, but then you may live alone.

    Many thanks for your birthday wishes. Despite everything going on, the day turned out fine. All the very best from Annieseedxx

  • Happy birthday annieseed! Same day as my youngest daughter who is the mother of our lively granddaughter. :-) :-) Alison

  • Thanks, Alison - it was a good day. xx

  • Hello Jan, I am sorry you are feeling the blues bad. I think we all have memory lapses from time to time, you have a lot on your mind,worried about your friend and other things, I think if you feel like having a good cry you should! holding it in can make you ill, Annieseed is right about the meditation, it can make you feel so much less stressed.Hope you feel better soon,love and hugsssss! huff xxx

  • Hi Jandan, very sorry to hear you are feeling so down. The last couple of years I have noticed a steep decline in my recall of names etc. It is getting tricky so you are definitely not alone on that score. I wish I could sit and have a cuppa with you. Please don't think you are moaning; you are off loading to people who care and understand some of your feelings. We all have a lot to cope with but find it v hard to tell loved ones how we really feel. We put on a brave face and cope the best we can. That's what we do. You are not moaning, just letting us know you are hurting. I feel very flattered that you feel able to open up. Please accept some love and hugs. May I say I had garden envy after seeing yours? Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. Let us know how you are better or not. xxx Alison

  • Jan you always come across as a very strong positive person and you post quite a few funnies. I admire people like you and feel humbled that so many of you are there for me in my times of trouble when your health is far worse than mine.

    I have got no one to worry about me either Jan. So I will worry about you if you worry about me! :d Deal?

    bev x

  • good morning Jan, I hope you feel better today. I always read your posts and intended to reply to your last little poem which I loved, but then forgot. Like so many of us here, my memory is not what it was either. One thing to remember is - you are never really alone :)

  • Hope by now your cloud has lifted. Myself and so very many friends are on Citalopram. It's a miracle worker! As for being forgetful only just now, whilst filling the steamer with vegetables, I found myself salting the water!! With names, I give up. I have just got a 4 month old long haired chihuahua. I expect people think I am crazy but my husband and I are amazed at the pleasure he has brought us, including our 5 year old Italian greyhound. They play and play all day. It's just like Tom and Jerry! Anyhow, we have to live another 15 years to care for him. Now there's a challenge for you! Bless you. Just be yourself. I really take to you and your outlook on life. X X

  • Just got back from a few days away with Pete jandan and I am sending lots of love and good feelings to you. You are not a drama Queen at all and I truly hope you get to feel better soon. I am amazed by the wonderful people on here and feel very blessed to be part of this site. You are one of those people jan and don't you forget it. Take care xxxxx

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