Yesterday morning I went

back to a carpet shop that I had been to the previous day and went into the part which is used as an office and where the sample books are kept. My first comment was "someone's been smoking in here" I couldn't go in there as my chest immediately reacted to it. The owner was very apologetic and we had a good chat about the evils of smoking and the fact that it is probably illegal to be smoking both in the workplace and where the public go but it just shows how a smoker doesn't realise what impact smoking can be on others.


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  • I had an experience in a taxi a while back thought I was going to choke when I got in. I told the driver I had copd and would have to get out he wasn't a bit apologetic looked at me like I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • he probably didn`t know what copd was . I`ve mentioned copd to people and they simply have no idea what I`m talking about I`ts not puplicised like some other complaints such as heart attacks,cancer etc

  • That's true Whit, there needs to be more awareness campaigns going on.

  • It may not even have been the smoke Gail. So many different sprays are used in carpet manufacture these days, moth proofer etc. Lots of things can upset our breathing. I for instance can't go into a dry cleaning shop and I have to get my wife to fill the car with diesel. Air fresheners are a massive no no for me too. Hey ho, happy days.

    Bobby xxx

  • Yes passive smoke is everywhere when your out and about.

  • I can pick it up straight away, rick1. I wonder now how I used to smoke all those years ago. None so fanatical as the converted.

  • Oh Gail, how horrid for you! At the pub last night, the smokers were all outside, but the little breeze was wafting their smoke into the pub.

    The landlord saw our discomfort, and closed over the patio doors, but compounded my breathing problem by proceeding the spray air freshener!!!! After seeing my distress from that, he's vowed never to use it again LOL :)

    Sandra x x x

  • There is such a long list of fumes that affect the breathing - my worst is the air conditioning in Sainsbugs - just can't go in there anymore.

  • Up to now chemicals don't really bother me .The smoker did offer to spray air freshener but I told him not to bother.I wasn't nasty about him smoking on the premises but I was surprised but let's face it smokers don't realise how much it smells.I find it hard to believe that I was once so arrogant and thought that people should put up with me smoking.

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