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Shallow pleural plaque


I had a CT scan 7 months ago, and on the the report it says signs of shallow pleural plaque.

I searched pleural plaque on the web, I found this.

"Pleural plaques are not a sign of asbestosis or mesothelioma. Instead, they act as warnings for doctors to recognize the possibility of asbestos exposure. When pleural plaques are first discovered, your health care provider should carefully evaluate your history of asbestos exposure and check for other signs of asbestos-related disease."

Has anyone else been told they have pleural plaques, and what was your GP's response.

I have been in the building trade for 40 years, and I know I have been exposed to asbestos.

Anyone else in the same boat ? Keith :)

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My Dad had pleural plaques; he was exposed to asbestos in his work, he was at Southampton Docks where they imported it from South Africa in hessian sacks - Dad had to go into the holds of the ships and count the sacks, he said it was like a snowstorm in there. Although many of his work mates had mesothelioma, Dad did not.He did have COPD, but that was due to his heavy lifelong smoking habit, which he never gave up - he even tried to get friends to smuggle cigs in when he was on oxygen. Because the Dr mentioned asbestos on his death certificate there was a post mortem and inquest - verdict was natural causes, not industrial disease, as the plaques indicated the prescence of asbestos but it didn't contribute to his illness or death. I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the plaques sort of encapsulated the asbestos fibres, if that makes sense ? there is a very good explanation of this on the BLF website, just search pleural plaques - it may put your mind at rest somewhat. Gill


Hi, can i ask what you have been sufering from b4 your had results of CT Scan

Cheers all the best :)

My pleral plaques were found with a ct scan to diagnose my emphysema. Ive been told that they are caused thro exposure to asbestos but that they haven't caused my emphysema and i shouldn't worry about them. My exposure would have been as a small child growing up on a farm. There were piles of it laying about and we kids used it like chalk.

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Hi linsabout

Why you say your emphysema is not caused by asbestos how long you had emphysema

i have bullea emphysema bronchiectasis heart problems and hyperventilation syndrome caused by asbestos exposure 12 years ago yet my lung specialist totaly disregarded my exposure and went on about my smoking

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I used to argue with the docs about it but at end stage I haven't the fight left in me. To answer your question I have bullae emphysema broncalitis for about 20 years. And yes they say it was caused by smoking but it doesn't make any difference how anymore

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Hi, cheers ... Know how you feel

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