The plan was originally to cruise up to Llangollen for a couple of months, this changed to travelling down to Oxford, taking in the Fairport convention festival at Cropredy where Alice Cooper ,10cc and The levellers were playing. Due to the increasingly hot weather I got increasingly more and more breathless, and, more and more panicky about being out in the sticks away from medical help. What also concerned me was that I would possibly end up in a Hostpital way from the canal leaving Lilian out on a limb with the boat ,( which at 60' would be too much of a hand full for her on her own.) So we decided to turn round and work our way back, holing up under any shade we can find in the heat of the day, and moving only in the cool of early morning. we moored up near a road bridge just on the outskirts of Rugby because our elder dog Toby has pulled a dew claw and we found a vet nearby to treat him. Have moored the front of the boat next to a ruddy wasp's nest, so while Lilian took the dog I decided to pull the boat back about 15', NOT one of my better ideas, got the front mooring line untied(next to the nest) went to unfasten the stern line got out of breath halfway and had to shout to a man on the boat in front to ask if he could help. we eventually got the boat moored on the centre line and as I was attempting to tie the stern line I got stung on the top of my arm. Lilian back on board now with a somewhat happier dog and £60 lighter. gonna stop making plans in the future. Hope you are all ok, wanging it down with rain now, bye for now.

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  • Nice to hear all your news Chris even though it was not all good. Hope things work out better for you in the future and hey! you make those plans because you never know, next time could be just great with no probs at all! We live in hope! Take care xxxxx

  • Hi Chris

    What is it they say? The best laid plans of man and mice etc. Glad you got sorted out. Have a happy day.


  • Never heard that said before "wanging it down with rain"

  • It regularly wangs it down in Yorkshire. :p

  • I live in Lancashire never heard it said here.

  • Sorry if my reply appeared rude. I used the wrong smiley :D

  • Despite the problems, it must have had its lovely moments. I hope your sting and breathing are better now.

    Lynne xx

  • Good to hear from you, canalchris. What a chapter of trouble to try your patience. I have always looked on cana life s being serene and relaxing but not necessarily so. I hope by now, that the weather is cooler for you and Lilian. I always enjoy your blogs. Love Annieseed (annie80)

  • Lovely to hear from you canalChris and hear of the lastest adventures. Shame you're missing your music but you're sooo very sensible to be near civilisation . Take care and have a great time xx

  • Hi canalchris, What a shame you didn't make it to Llangollen we did the trip 2 years ago pretty scary but a fabulous trip. Looking down that drop into the valley is quite an experience. Hope you can make it some other time. We have a 58ft and she is called Myfanwy give us a toot if you see us around.

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