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Tai chi

I was reading puffthemagicdragons response on oximeters, and he /she mentioned controlled breathing.

I have just taken a couple of Tai Chi DVD's out of the library to see if that can help with different breathing techniques.

I haven't watch them yet, I've only had time to copy....transfer them onto my lappy.

Has any one else tried the Tai Chi. Its supposed to be very beneficial for the breathing, and be very calming.

Apart from that it seems a very relaxed form of exercise. It never get much of a mention on these posts, So I was wondering has anyone given it a go Keith.

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Hi. Yes, I've been going to Tai Chi classes for a while. I don't find it helps me that much with breathing (I think some types of yoga do that better) but it does help with balance.

I know you use a treadmill and I find that is the best thing for my breathing as although I get breathless, I have learned techniques to regulate it during the exercise.

Lynne xx

I looked at the yoga as well, but that seemed a bit more strenuous.(some of the positions you have to get into) I have a problem bending over in certain positions, it seems to take all my air. I think I'll rummage through the Tai Chi DVD's (there's 22 hours all up on the two DVD's) and see if I can find exercises relevant to breathing. A little bit more artillery in the war on COPD. I'm not going to win the war, but if I can win a battle here and there I'll be happy. Keith.

I've done a bit of Tai Chi at the end of my exercise class, and I find it calming, I also do yoga in a class and just do what I am comfortable with . Meditation is good for slowing the breathing rate too, but of course you do not get the benefits of any exercise with that(can do walking meditation though).

This is a link to a blog written by one of our forum members Keith, it's what brought me to the forum originally when I was looking for answers and it helped greatly:-!/#blf/p...


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Totally agree with Libby, this is one of the best explanations I have ever read of breathing techniques and the beauty of it is that it works. :) xx

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I went to a Tai Chi class ... Once. I left before they could throw me out. It was in a room at the local Leisure Centre, and the room had one of those wall, floor to ceiling mirrors which you faced. Everything was going so well until we took up the position where your knees are bent, yours arms are bent at the elbow parallel to the ground, and your hands are relaxed at the wrist fingers pointing to the floor (can't remember it's name). Anyway standing there looking in the mirror at us all lined up, into my head popped the image of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Anyway, I started laughing, my friend asked what I was laughing at, and needless to say when I told her, that set her off too. I never had the courage to go back. Sorry Lynne, hope I haven't put the thought in your head for when next you go!!


You've done it now! It's fixed in my head, I will be doing that side to side walk now! xxx

Lynne xx

On a more serious note, I became interested in Buddhism when we were in Singapore earlier this year, and I've been looking into meditation. There's one where you just concentrate on your breath .. In and out, nothing but the breath. I haven't been doing it long and still find it difficult to concentrate without other thoughts popping into my head, but I'm giving it a go.


The reason I went down the Tai Chi DVD path, was so i could go through them and pick out the exercises I want to do, and not what is dictated in a class.

As far as mirrors go in gyms etc. I get really self conscious when I can see myself in them.

Some people cant take their eyes off themselves.

The thing with the yoga relaxing meditation is that it only lasts while you are actually doing it.

I'm really looking for something that will have lasting benefits.

There's over 22 hours of instruction on the DVDs so I'm pretty sure I'll find something suitable.

Would you like me to pass on any good stuff, or not that interested. Keith :)

Definitely pass on the good stuff Keith - and very interested :)

I would also be very interested please Keith,I've seen Tai Chi when in the far east,properly done,it's fascinating,and relaxing.If you can get some well being from it then go for it,if it's suitable for you.! i would love to do it.

John :)

Hi just to say meditation does have long term benefits, at first I found just sitting and being aware of the breath coming and going really difficult but it has become easier and is very calming.

I like tai chi as well,but hate the mirrors! I was given a DVD so I must have a go.

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