Heavy handed with the Salbutamol?

Phew I was lucky this evening. Recently diagnosed with copd and prescribed Salbutamol on 2nd July as was breathless. GP said chest sounded ok so no antibiotics and she prescribed me 7 days of Prednisoline 6 5mg a day. I am now on day 5 and still breathless. This evening on taking Salbutamol found it was empty.......... why isn't there a gauge to let us know when we need repeat prescription? I thought, great just as we are going into weekend. Phoned surgery and it was 6.15 so didn't think they would still be open. Receptionist I spoke to was so helpful. It was 6.15pm and surgery closed at 6.30pm she said. She kindly said she would fax prescription to Asda pharmacy and I could collect this evening. My son drove us there and we picked it up. I could hug that wee receptionist as couldn't have gone into weekend without it. I need to get savvy to this and not let that happen again. Ask GP to have repeat ready so that I have one in drawer when other runs out? 17 days it lasted me so that gives me some kind of benchmark. I feel so blinking ignorant to all of this and such a learning curve. I hope you are all coping with this heat.

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  • I think many of us try and have 3 or 4 available for that reason. It was really good that you were able to get your prescription so ate. My GP puts 2 on each prescription for me.

    Lynne xx

  • Your answer wasn't showing when I started to write mine! We must have crossed in cyberspace!!! lol


  • Ask to have two inhalers prescribed and refill the prescription when you start using the second one.

  • Hi Twinks, my regular repeat script is for 2 relievers, and when I finish one, that's when I put my repeat prescription in :)

    Sandra x x x

  • I treat having 2 boxes of Spiriva and Two Seretides as the minimum. Well, you never know if there is going to be another war do you? I must get it from my mum. After the last war she always had a stack of tins of Red Salmon and fruit cocktail in the larder. Just in case. lol


  • I get three at a time and once when I ran out, stupidly my own fault, our local chemist gave me one and then took it back when the repeat prescription arrived. I usually do the same as the good people above, order them when I open the last one. :) xx

  • I always used to have one at home, one in the car, one in my handbag and one at work. You do need to get at least 2 a month on prescription and they seem to let you reorder a week before the 28 days are up so gradually you can build up a little stockpile! Nothing like not having an inhaler to hand to make you twice as breathless!

  • Awe thank you all so much. As I said, such a learning curve. GP and Nurse have given me no guidance. Gave me diagnosis and that was that. Funny thing is, on that day I came home and googled and found you lovely people. I will phone GP next week and get another prescription in then I have one or two in drawer. Oh also the Qvar 100 as that no doubt will run out soon.

    Concerned that when I reach day 7 on the Prednisolone that I am still breathless, should I go back to GP and see what she says? I was ok 2 weeks ago, just before heatwave started and Chris and I went food shopping and that evening I was breathless. I want to go back to 2 weeks ago.

    Your household was very posh Phillips1.................. salmon and fruit cocktail. *smiles*

  • Hi Twink, I find the preds don't seem to have any effect until a few days after the course has finished, but others seem to find a bit of an improvement after only a few days. Also, I am finding it very hard to cope in this heat, my breathing is really bad. But don't hesitate to go back to your gp if you feel you should, don't take any chances. Libby

  • I need to take lots of medications, so my inhalers get ordered every 25 days, I always put it in so they have 48hrs to sign& another day for the Chemist to make Script up,

    Until you have at nice stock pile (as Libby says they soon mount up)

    get two a time,

    You will get the hang of it honestly, I even keep one by the bed now!



  • If you're still breathless, go back to G.P. There has been a study done recently that says one week's worth of steroids does the same as two, but everyone is different. If in doubt, get an appointment. :) xx

  • Isnt it funny. Pafrt of my mind is thinking............... I wish I knew more about copd and other part is thinking............... I wish I had never heard of the darn thing. But it is what it is. How are you coping Libby with your breathing? Is there anything you can do to help it? What inhalers help? I know I am asking wrong questions - sorry.

    I sat down last few days, well to be honest, I couldn't do anything else *smiles*. Did a lot of thinking and revaluating. I am 59 and work with homeless. As my wee Mammy tells me on the phone.......... you have worked since you were 15 hen now think of yourself. I made decision to give up my job. From posts I read on here, it is recommended that you keep working and agile but I cannot risk picking up infections and going from moderate to next stage quickly. In work we go down like flies with infections etc and cannot take the risk. I hate if only's and mine is............... if only I had given up smoking sooner. Don't want another if only of.............. if only I had given up work and not run risk of infection and moving up a stage earlier than I could have. FEV1 reading 73 and classed as moderate. Why would reading be 73 after inhaler and 71 before - not much difference?

    I am sorry to all of you for making this heavy-I don't mean to. I just want to be here for as long as possible and not be taking silly chances.

  • Hiya twinks, well I'm classed as end stage, 20% lung function at the last test ages ago, so any variation in the weather hits me quite hard but this heat is making me very breathless. Got a bit of a cool breeze from the window now and have the front door open with the chain on which creates a bit of a through draft so much better than earlier. I'm on all the inhalers and other drugs that are available so it's just a question of hoping to keep well. You just never know though what germs I come in contact with just by other people coming to the house. Don't keep yourself locked away for fear of germs, it will only lower your resistance. I only gave up smoking three and a half years ago though, very stupid, but am quite pragmatic about it and tend not to think "what if" - I made my choices and knew the risks. Anyway, I'm raving on here! Just try to keep active and healthy, you're only at moderate stage and could have many years without worsening too much. All the best to you. LIbby

  • The reading goes up a little after the inhaler because it opens up the airways so more air gets taken into the lungs. Giving up work is your decision entirely, doesn't matter what everyone else may or may not do, it's how you feel about it. Exercising as much as you can, eating well, good sleep, medications are the best weapons in your arsenal. Smiling and keeping a sense of humour helps too - staves off the stress! :) xx

  • Thank you all so much for your replies and support/guidance. Thanks to you Libby and I hope that you have an easier day breathing today. Can I ask when you where diagnosed and at what stage please?

  • Hi Twinks, I was diagnosed 18/19 years ago, probably mild/moderate, although I was never told officially. Unfortunately, I carried on smoking for many years (did try many times to give up) always believing I'd give up before things got too bad. But it was a bout of pneumonia that sent my lung capacity down further quite suddenly and I still carried on with the cigs. When I got to 24% I did give up but have had a few more hospitalisations with infections since then and have now been told I only have 20%. At 24% I was struggling a bit, but still had a fairly normal life, work, driving, shopping, cleaning, all the usual stuff. But losing that extra 4% has made a massive difference, I'm now more or less housebound, went out for a hospital visit a couple of months ago, that night I felt pretty ill, 2 days later I had an emergency ambulance to hospital for 8 days. I reckon it was being exposed to all those people at the hospital after living in my little bubble at home. That was maybe 6 weeks ago and my lung capacity seems to have dropped more again. That's why I said earlier, don't cut yourself from living a normal life, not subjecting yourself to germs actually makes you more susceptible to catching something. Good luck twinks, I'm sure you have many good years ahead of you, just take the precautions others have advised. Libby x

  • Hi, I'm glad you manged to get a new Salbutamol and others are right, get them to put 2 on your script, always get a repeat when there's a full one left

    I've got a few on the go, bathroom, handbag, sports bag (Haha, sports bag?). I usually stick a little freezer label on a new one with the date opened written on it.

    They are very expensive (my Seretide is £60 a pop but Seretide at least has a dose gauge).

    Apparently putting a gauge on the blue ones would make them very expensive.

    xx P

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