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stomach and back, is this normal?

Good morning, well it’s been about 6 weeks now since my stomach has been aching heavily for 23 hours ish a day and the bottom of my back aches have to be so careful twisting ,is this normal for copd ers,? I’ve explained this to the doc’s who had a look at my stomach and back two taps on the belly... and hey your I’m not, the feeling is like being pregnant but the problem is I’m a male, lol (could be interesting hu) if anyone could throw some light on this I would very much appreciate it and would be very please if a BLF nurse would comment PLEASE

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I do not think any pain that is that continuous is norrmal, I do not think it right that your doctor expects you to live with it.

I think you should call the BLF helpline today and have a chat with them. 03000 030 555

Wishing you all the best, Anna

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I echo Anna's response, please call the helpline for advice. P


Just replied the same as Anna on your post. :) xx


I can only agree with the other comments, that this is not normal, and you should seek a second opinion. Good luck in getting to the bottom of this :)

Sandra x x x


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