Done hardly anythin yet I feel exhausted...is this going to last now..or will it improve? Dont like feeling this way...im too young to feel so old...dont like moaning as theres so many people on here much worse than me....but bit scary when ive always had so much energy and hardly ever felt tired. Is it because of chest infection..or is it just Copd?? Cant settle to sleep even tho so tired..but think thats just the heat inside the house. ...dont feel very well but donr thinkantibiotics touched the sides yet..maybe by tomorrow.....I hope! :-(

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Ive noticed i always feel tired now. Even the smallest things will make me exhausted.xx

Ive always had so much energy..dont like feelin like this ..but dont really know what to do to help myself...

Just take rest when you need to, I'm having to learn this. Cant do what I used to. I know I'm still young which is annoying but just have to do the best we can with what we have xx

I guess so...maybe in time will get my head around that...xxthanks xx

I'm still trying to get my head round it. In the mean time you have us. Feel free to pm me if you want to chat xx

Thanku so much.xx

Not a problem.xx

This hot weather makes me feel a bit tired Maybe it's just that.

Ive always loved the hot weather..so I dont think its that..unless ive changed!

chest infection + copd and hot weather really don't mix, we have to keep reminding ourselves to take things slower our brains are telling us we can do things at the same pace we always did, but bodies are saying no you can't worse luck. I hope you feel better soon x time for my cat nap :).

Ann x

Ive got to learn i suppose..early days ...enjoy your power nap.xxx

So have I but it makes me lazy ! :D

;-) x

Hi jayb, the tiredness and the need to take rests where once you sailed through are true.

It is also true that you will adjust better than you think on a down day.

Like everyone here I can think of numerous occasions I have felt I could cope with anything. Aren't we all immortal when we are young. As our strength and stamina ebbs so does our expectation - there's a bit of a gap it's true but you will adjust. You'll learn to plan the best way to do the things you need to achieve.

You need to learn to make the most of enforced periods of inactivity.

Take it easy on yourself - relax - be kind and understanding - you deserve it.

Take care love all the best,

Chris xx

Thankyou Chris...sounds like good advice.xx

Yes I would listen to Chris its very good advice.

Love julie xx

It is..and I have Julie.x as is all the advice on here xxx:-)

Do what you can, when you can BUT always remember to look afer yourself!!

If doing something will take too much out of you, perhaps don't do it??

Also prioritise! What is really important!!

Sometimes you have to prioritise resting!!

Enjoy the rest of your day

Kevin xx

Ps chris's advice iis sound!l

Thanks kevin..good advice..and done nothin hardly today...just no energy. ..thanku.xxx

Don't beat yourself up over doing nothing, I used to, but slowly I am accepting that I can't do all I want, or even all that I should :'( but bit by bit I get it all done,

If you have an infection just use the time to read good books, or knit, right now I,m listening to todays pick of the pops on the bbc iplayer, its from 1973, I was 15 & itching to spread my wings :D

I,m singing along to Linda Lewis, Rock a doodle Doo & laughing my head off at the memories it brings back, we may be sick jayb but we ain't dead yet, so find something that lets you sit & be free again, & enjoy every moment


The Witch


Thankyou...Ineed to learn all this..having been full of beans until recently,its a bit of a shock..will get there tho. You take care and enjoy your music xx :)

This heat doesn't help at all for me. My breathing is so slow and chest feels tight. Sitting in front of the fan helps.

Oh dear Annie...sorry youre not too good xx :(

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