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deadly nightshade

hiya I blogged a while back about my sore throat well still got but I am definatly allergic to tomatoes I been moniting myself n it seems when I eat any thing tomatoey I get sore throat ect iv looked it up and apparently it is related to the deadly nightshade group along with potatoes etc . anybody else got this allergy and do you think I could of been wrongly diagnosed with copd x will go to docs again now I know for sure . prob get sent with codine of ibrufin I think that's all our docs know x x

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I'm struggling to come to terms with my own diagnosis. I avoid a lot of foods as I've terrible allergic reactions. Hope your GP can get to the bottom of this Chrissy. Judy x


Hi Chrissy,

If you're diagnosis was made after reviewing the results of a spirometry test then the diagnosis is likely to be accurate!

Luckily your doctors know of codeine and ibuprofen! Mine seem to treat with wire brush and dettol!

Pleased you have discovered the cause to your throat problems.



Hi Chrissy, my daughter is allergic to spuds. (She has PSC) I am allergic to many things.

I agree with Kevi about having had the spirometry test. Your condition might well be aggravated with foods. Along with smoking (if you still do). I know tomatoes and rich foods upset my Acid Reflux along with many other foods.

Sometimes it really is quite difficult to acknowledge you have COPD, I initially thought I had an ulcer. But carried on as per usual working until one day I dropped. Totally exhausted.

We have many others who can give better advice on this site. I am sure they will

help you.

xx Ros xx


I have noticed over the last few months that I can't eat anything with wheat or maize flour without getting a headache and sinus pain...just can't understand it. No chocolate or cheese either.

I wonder like you if they affect my lungs as well. I am trying to remember to write down what I eat and see if I get a headache a few hours later and if my constant wheezing lessens.

I also get acid reflux ...hey ho...what next?


My Dad had COPD and was also allergic to tomatoes

Julie x


thx all for reply x I was wondering if its our meds has well . maybe the food is counteracting with our meds I never used to be allergic but there again I never took any notice . still thx again I will keep you posted x x


hi my daughter has this problem lemon oranges tomatoes, also if there are small amounts in food, she can eat peppers a member of the tomato family,

she has been told it is something to do with a protein it is an acquired condition,

antihistamines is what she uses, but it is so bad she can not eat any of them, her throat swells and she gets cold symptoms and it takes twenty four hours to get over it,

I sympathise regards Richard


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