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There is an article in todays Express about a check out girl in Sainsburys who refuses to serve a woman unless she stopped talking on her phone.The woman complained to the manager and he apologised. Last Friday I went into a shop to buy a birthday card whilst I was making my selection the assistant was unpacking boxes and talking on her mobile.Once I had made my selection I went to the counter to pay the assistant came tilled in the money which I paid her and never once paused for breath in her conversation.As I really didn't want to go anywhere else to buy a card I let her carry on then after I had paid told her that I thought that it was very bad manners to be on the phone when serving and that I would not be coming into the shop again.

This is not the first time that this had happened to me .The last time I told the assistant that he could serve me when he put his phone down.


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Just going out, Iaig. I found mobile phones not used correctly can be rude and unfriendly. I will be back, love annieseed xx

Some peoples' utter dependence on their mobiles is quite sad I think. Bit like me and my computer really LOL - but at least I will stop what I am doing to listen or talk to someone. :) xx

Yeh but then you spoil it chewing choccy. I have to agree with the others though. It is very rude to talk on the phone when serving customers. The youngsters nowadays just aren't being introduced to good manners by their parents. Not like wot I was.

Love from Bobby xxxx

But I need the extra energy from the choccy to be able to reply to you Bobby. Ok that's a good enough reason for you to tell me to stop then LOL Crying again hahahaha :) xx

hi laig,happened to me many a time bad assistants yapping away I put wat ive bought down and walk out even done it in supermarkets,

I have to agree with both Annie and Scrobbitty, in the correct environ and with the correct usage, mobile phones are super. It's the individual's incorrect usage which is irritating, especially in confined spaces such a buses or trains.

The mobiles of today are not just phones, they are media centres. I loved it when the bus driver stopped the bus on a lonely stretch of road, and advised the lady who was insisting on everyone listening to her choice of music, at full volume, to either switch it off, or disembark the bus! I am pleased to say, the journey continued in silence :) Well done George, our bus driver! :)

Sandra x x x

Well, I was in Sainsburys Crayford at lunch time on Monday, so earlier than that lady, but what I did have was a young woman in front of me at the till with a three month old puppy in her shirt, people at the tills were looking at her including me. Sure dogs are not allowed in food shops apart from guide dogs. Lady serving on till never said anything about that, just said what a lovely puppy, how old is it...............go figure

Ive walked out of shops without buying anything because the assistant is having a personal conversation on the phone and looking at me like i'm something she should wipe off her shoe, so i put my items on counter and smile, wave and go.

I wont tolerate phone calls when shopping I don't do it so i don't see why they should.


After my husbands death I went to a stone Masons to order a headstone several staff were stood chatting and completely ignored me so I walked out and went somewhere else. That firm lost 3600 pounds the cost of my husbands headstone and then later my sisters and my sons.


My local spar has barred staff from using mobiles while on duty, Harry has already sacked two assistants for breaking this rule, one had been there over ten years, Good on ya Harry, !!!

I've been on our local papers website, they have done a pole, quite interesting.

Older people saying its bad manners, should not happen, etc

Young people saying its their right to be able to talk on their phones when they want too.

Maybe the parents should be talking to their off springs....................

Good for him

I agree that mobile phones are great and I wouldn't be without one but there is a time and a place and I don't want to listen to someone else's conversation.

Loudmouths shouting in my ear - I dont want to hear their boring conversation!!!

Hi. I absolutely hate it when people are on their mobiles in a shop. I work in the post office and we won't serve people if they are on the phone if we spot it. They hang up quick when they see the person behind them being called over to be served in front of them, how can I give them the service they want when they are talking to someone else! If their parcel goes missing they are quick to come back and shout. Well done to the girl in Sainsburys, with her all the way!

Have a good day everyone. ;)

Well said Teresa, I agree entirely. If anything goes pear shaped you will obviously get the blame - not them.

Bobby xx

Of course we will, we do anyway even though we don't have anything to do with the postal deliveries as we are now two different companies. I can be quite rude to them if they come to counter on phone my greeting is not sorry to keep you or thanks for waiting ( standard conversation for PO staff now lol ) it's a blank look and yes? How would they like it. If I was on phone serving them??? A poster on my counter would be nice but not allowed, doesn't conform to standards!! Oh well what can you do........ ;)

People completely cut themselves off from their surroundings and the people around them. What is sad, mothers with their children in buggies. If i am with a friend out somewhere and the mobile off, I will make a friendly comment. After all, there is texting.

Funny story here. Some years ago, husband was on a long coach journey from the airport. People were trying to catch up on missed sleep. Then a Chinese lady got on her phone, and talked for a long time in Chinese AT THE TOP OF HER VOICE. Finished her conversation and then started again. My husband's patience snapped, got up in front of her and made sshing signs. The lady immediately got the message, and scuttled into the toilet. The rest of the passengers clapped!!

In Holland you often come across rude and grumpy shop assistants. I lived in that country for ten years and am married to a Dutchman.

Two examples:

I asked a shop assistant if they sold whatever it was I was looking for (can't remember now) and she said in a very annoyed tone "I don't know" and that was that.

In Amsterdam, a colleague and I were on a short break and spoke English with each other (she's German but speaks brilliant English). In one large department store my friend was looking for a beach towel, she was being very careful and was looking at the selection in a perfectly normal way, when I heard the sales assistant remark to the other shop employee,

"These *#%^** foreigners, they always look at everything but never buy anything"

She hasn't realised that I speak Dutch nearly as well as the Dutch themselves, but she got a massive shock when I want over and reminded her that whenever she is abroad she's a foreigner and would she like it if she were discussed in that way etc. etc etc O gave her a real lecture.

Later on we came across the same biatch in the loos and she literally ran away from us HAHA.

That was over a decade ago, but I doubt it's improved. Luckily I don't live there anymore and where I am now the people are sooooo much nicer. It does vary, different countries are really different, whether it is PC or not to state that fact.

I think to be on a mobile whether a customer or working with customers is really rude. As I understand it some Post Office and some Banks have notices re the use of mobiles. I think the Sainsbury guy was wrong not to stick up for the woman serving the customer - she was treated like she was the customers servant - how can they have any interaction if she's on the 'phone. Bad manners.


hi, its awful being a cashier these days, i used to love my job, interacting with customers ect . we were trained to greet and chit chat with customers but it was so hard when they were on phones, completly ignoring me, so i used to ignore them, not greeting and speeding up with the scanning and no help packing, you are made to feel awful by the customers at times,i certainly am very careful now to be ultra nice when shopping as ive been on the other end and know how it feels, so next time your at checkout try to be nice to your cashier, they will in turn be cheerful and helpf ul to you,

just had another little memory which made me smile, if the customer was being an ass, and expecting me to pack or something whilst on phone , i know for certain that some got home to find yoghurt all over there shopping as my finger slipped through the lid, quashed goods etc, cashiers have many ways to retaliate so xx

When I first started working many years ago my first job was as a sales assistant in a small boutique - and that was what I did assist people and obviously if I could sell them something I did but something that actually looked good on them. Of course there were no mobile phones in my day but I'd have got the sack if I had continued a conversation with a friend and ignored a customer. These days they seem to have no pride in their work, little training and make you feel guilty for daring to 'disturb' them to ask a question or buy something. I guess with the homogeneous multinational shops now there is no incentive for loyalty or pride. Sad really as well that fashion is all the same now with very little scope for individual expression in clothes as it was in my day - moan over ha ha xx

hi guys, I am new although I have had my illness for years, I never had anyone to talk to or ask them something about my illness, I stopped going to the hospital, its full of germs and the consultant has so many patents to see, you only get a very short time and I have so many questions I need answered, so I just stopped going, my GP has been great with me, u guys are lucky u can go shopping, stay away from steroids, I know they help with your breathing but the side affects are nasty, weight gain, brittle bones, and diabetes, and loads more, I was on them non stop, 8 per day, for over 5 years, not nice, I am going, keep up the good work, u guys are helping me understand my illness, thank u, have a great day, Davey,

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