Thanks to all who offered advice on scooters, this is just to let you know that I had a hoist fitted to my car and brought a Roma Vegas. It was'nt cheap but was worth every penny as my ability to get around is so much better. We went into Newcastle on Saturday to see a show and had a meal afterwards and then back to the car, scooter in the boot and off home


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That is excellent, winebuff. So pleased to hear that you're enjoying your new scooter :)

Sandra x x x

Brilliant winebuff.xx

Glad you got sorted and are able to get out more freely. Hope you enjoyed your show and meal.

:) Anna

Yes that is brilliant winebuff :)x So, ............... what show did you see?

Pirates of Penzance. My wife is aGilbert and Sullivan fan. Great fun was had by all

It's good to hear you can get out and about ! :)

I am glad you got something in the end that suited so well. :)

Buying a scooter was the best thing I ever did, you will have so much independence now and isn't the hoist a fantastic piece of equipment. xx

Great stuff Winebuff. Just remember though, no "wheelies" in Tesco.


Having a scooter opens up a whole new world.I have taken mine on holidays. I can manage all the shopping. Excellent.

I guess that holiday is the next hurdle. Thanks

Glad you are out and about


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